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Comment Pirate Party (Score 1) 1

Hopefully this will bolster the parties numbers. I'm starting to think that are current dictatorship really needs so more photos of innocent protectors being abused by the police splashed across the newspapers to get it into there thick heads that we don't want them abusing our rights for the benifit of the rich buddy's.

Comment Well that was pointless (Score 1) 2

Meh that's a terrible nothing article. Ranting on about not including patent encumbered code by default and the a paragraph later praising the distro's because they have implemented automatic codec install that actually works. And pointing people at the little distro's that you find coolest is a stupid idea, support is and documentation is much easier on the larger distro's and it doesn't mater that the smaller ones are bassed on a upstream distro as the mom and pop users don't know and don't care about that.

Google To Promote Web Speed On New Dev Site 106

CWmike writes "Google has created a Web site for developers that is focused exclusively on making Web applications, sites and browsers faster. The site will allow developers to submit ideas, suggestions and questions via a discussion forum and by using Google's Moderator tool. Google hopes developers will join it in improving core online technologies such as HTML and TCP/IP. For Google, a prime example of how Web performance can be enhanced is the development of HTML 5, which provides a major improvement in how Web applications process Javascript, Google believes. 'We're hoping the community will spend some time on the basic protocols of the Internet,' Google product manager Richard Rabbat said. 'There's quite a bit of optimization that can be done [in that area].'"

Submission + - Website Dutch RIAA under attack since sueing TPB (telegraaf.nl)

Anonymous Coward writes: "Since the Dutch equivalent of the RIAA (BREIN) used Facebook and Twitter to deliver the summons to an upcoming lawsuit against The Pirate Bay to the 4 Swedish admins their own website has been forced offline.

Some advocates of free speech and legal file sharing have deemed it necessary to vent their fiery disagreement by launching a huge DDOS against anti-piracy.nl

While the site is a regular target and usually are well equipped to fend off any cyber attacks they are , by own admissing, overwhelmed at the moment. Since last Friday the site has been unavailable and they are seeking public support for their situation.

Unfortunately for them there are very few people interested in their plight.

Since downloading copyrighted material is perfectly legal in The Netherlands and Torrents, Mininova and The Pirate Bay are as loved among Dutch people as Cheese, Tulips and Windmills the website of BREIN may be offline for quite a while.

Dutch to English translation here: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=nl&sl=nl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.telegraaf.nl%2Fdft%2Fnieuws_dft%2F4241487%2F__Hackers_leggen_website_Stichting_Brein_plat__.html%3Fview%3Dprint

(just ignore the Print popup, or view the full ad-laden page here: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=nl&sl=nl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.telegraaf.nl%2Fdft%2Fnieuws_dft%2F4241487%2F__Hackers_leggen_website_Stichting_Brein_plat__.html)"


Submission + - Intel recieves record fine by the EU (bbc.co.uk) 2

Firefalcon writes: "Intel has been fined a record 1.06 billion euros ($1.45 billion / £948 million) by the European Competition Commission after being found guilty of anti-competitive practices. This makes Microsoft's 497 million euro fine in 2004 (which was a record at the time) seem like a slap on the hand. Reports had previously suggested that the fine would be similar to Microsoft's. Intel was charged (among other things) with encouraging manufacturers and retailers to purchase fewer (or even not stock) AMD processors. More details of the ruling are on the European Commission's Competition website."

Submission + - Ban the Oil Trade 1

gogomango writes: A billboard advertising the site www.bantheoiltrade.com went up in London recently proclaiming "Global Warming is Intergenerational Genocide". The site itself contains a set of articles arguing that we have our approach to global warming all backwards. We shouldn't try and reduce oil consumption, we should reduce oil supply and eventually ban oil outright. If we do not reduce emissions to zero at some point then we will burn all the oil reserves of the world and global warming will change the face of the planet. It's also clear that "Ban the oil trade" makes a better rallying cry than "Significant emissions reductions gradually phased in". The author does not seem to be some dreadlocked hippy, the site is very pro-nuclear and one article (in the misc page) is scathing about the environmental movement. It's clearly a one-man project and there's a donate page where he's trying to break even on the cost of the billboard. I gave him £2 but it doesn't seem as if he'll make it (there's a bar chart showing his progress). So is it time to really get serious and ban the oil trade or can we just fudge our way through a few more conferences and hope for the best?

Half-Life Short Film Grabs Attention 72

switchfeet writes "For any of you Half-Life fans out there, this new short film based on the game by The Purchase Brothers is really garnering some attention on pretty much every gaming site out there. 'It's a mixture of live action and game footage, and makes smart use of in-game sound effects, and some really fantastic location hunting. ... The Purchase Bros describe the production as 'guerilla style with no money, no time, no crew, no script, the first two episodes were made from beginning to end on a budget of $500.'"

BioShock Coming To Cell Phones 20

Pocket Gamer reports that a development studio called Indiagames is working on two separate licensed versions of BioShock for mobile devices. A video was shown for the familiar-looking 3D version, and they're doing a 2D adaptation as well. Indiagames' Sean Malatesta said it was in the final approval stages, and that "our guys and 2K have really captured the essence of the game in a 2D format. It's really unbelievable. It obviously doesn't look like BioShock as you know it, but it gives you the same essence. The guys are pretty proud of it."

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