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Submission + - Quiet Windows Backups?

The O Rly Factor writes: After losing years of financial data to a hard disk failure, my parents purchased a 500 GB external hard disk a few years back that came with its own shoddy bundleware backup software for performing Windows backups. Since the time that they purchased it, they have upgraded to a new home desktop that runs 64 bit windows, and the backup software does not allow itself to be installed on 64 bit machines. My parents, like many people their age, are severely limited in their computing knowledge and treat their computer as an appliance, so their solution is to go out and buy a brand new hard disk since they belive "the whole disk clearly isn't 64 bit compatable, that's how they get ya." There is an endless amount of backup software out there, so before I waste my time sorting the good from the bad, and before my parents waste their money, does anyone know of any reliable GPL licensed Windows backup software out there they can vouch for that will stay quiet enough so I won't be over their house every weekend configuring the software?

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