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Comment Re:Uh-oh (Score 3, Informative) 83

Really, a lot of compression can be done to graphical displays on television... the CNBC Ticker is an example. Rather than bloat the satellite signal with a ticker that is quickly getting outdated, they can send the ticker as a bunch of compressible letters and numbers, and then reassemble the ticker at the cable headend.

Comment Missing app:Local on the 8s (Score 1) 83

Here's something they could really improve on... we know that every TiVo or DVR has the ability to show a weather display... so why not teach it how to find the maps and numbers to make The Weather Channel's Local on the 8s work with a detail level of showing exactly where you live and work.

Just connect the box to a secret channel filled with weather data (similar to The Weather Star of the 80s), get the box to pull the nearest METAR data, and then draw the big temperature number and fill in the other things like humidity and air pressure, then wait for a signal from the MPEG stream to insert the as-local-as-it-can-get info. This would be the kind of DirecTV upgrade that would really sell receivers... there's already room on the access cards to do this, they just need the fonts and image sizes to begin.

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