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Comment Carbon is a gas now? (Score 2) 190

Methane, like carbon, is a greenhouse gas, but methane's global warming impact per molecule is 25 times greater than carbon's, according to the EPA.

I assume they mean carbon dioxide, right? Because if they're talking about pure carbon, I can't imagine it stays airborne for long enough to have much of an impact.

Maybe that's why it's so much less effective than methane.

Comment Couldn't we just reconstruct it if needed? (Score 2, Interesting) 287

Why don't we just keep a record of the genetic sequence of the virus? Doesn't the technology exist to rebuild the virus if we know its DNA sequence? Even if it doesn't exist now, it could reasonably be expected to exist in the relatively near future, right?

Then we could destroy all the actual samples, but no information would be lost. If it became necessary for research at a later date, whatever couldn't be simulated could be made from scratch.

Comment Re: Is this a question? (Score 1) 3

But is the lack of alternatives something inherent to the medium, or is it just because we're lazy/unimaginative?

Basically, are there significant obstacles in the way of new models that only ads can overcome?

I can picture it like, "Hey, Jim, we got this new 'Internet' thing working. Now, how can we make money on it?" "I know, Bill! We can get people to pay us to advertise on it, just like the newspaper!"

Is it just too well-established, and nobody wants to reinvent the wheel? I saw an article on here a few days ago about how ad blockers are making the sky fall or something. Is it time to revisit some alternatives?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Why is the Internet mostly ad-supported? 3

The Mysterious Dr. X writes: I hate ads, and I don't have the money to donate to every website I frequent. I wonder, though, how advertisements came to be the most popular means to support websites. How is it the Internet didn't evolve, for example, a distributed computing model in which visitors download a small packet of data to process and return? Is there something about advertisements that make it inherently better for supporting websites?

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