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Comment Re:The W3C needs a big reality check. (Score 1) 205

There, did it for you. Long Live Jakob Nielsen! His work should be made Gospel.

Yes, a very ugly website, but that is not the point. What matters is the essence. He is not there to impress people with visuals but to communicate valuable research and findings without being personally bogged down with achieving the perfect layout himself. His followers are not the public (or the common mediocre webdesigners) - but the best professionals in the industry ever. Ask any real pro.

Note, he does advocate sites to be pleasant looking. He acknowledge his own to be an exception. Read his footnote.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 377

shorter learning curve
lots of very newbie-friendly or thicko-friendly literature

So it attracts the mediocres.
And I am one, because I still could never quite dive deeply into Python say.
Take Inkscape for example, what a nice intro to practice Python or Perl - but no piss-easy documentation to be found.
Take Gimp, nice way to learn Scheme; again no baby-simple arrow-pointing colourful books on Scheme-for-Gimp.
So you attract only the top 1% wannabe programmers.

Now take C# , I've learnt and pretty much mastered it in one week. That was a long time back and now I resist using it (like a drug detox).

Reason I learnt C# so fast has nothing to do with my skills. But the skills of the teacher/writer or teaching technique. Very optimised the way books/manual/online tutorials/vids transmitted their stuff for IQ-challenged average folks like myself and hence the masses.

Comment Re:Which is it? (Score 1) 116

No you didn't.

They grabbed it without asking.

Google Street View, Enemies Gossiping, CCTVs, medical records leaked, photos of you without asking, stolen database information (not internet damn could be even HOTEL BOOKINGS, CREDIT CARDS), year of graduation,

you don't even need to ever own a computer or use the internet to have your information and privacy plundered from you and fed to countless databases and finally the internet.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 116

One more reason:

Because some data is wrong fixed and is consistently overwriting over the present one.

Take Google Maps for Example.

It sometimes add companies (automatically), damn even HOSPITALS with older details.

The secretaries, even managers are very clueless how to go about fixing this.

You can't contact Google, try - there is no support.

They are made to feel guilty, but damn it was Google that picked an old information (of 3 years back) and put it on #1 for that Hospital.

That OLD data gets fed back into many directories, which in turn gets passed to many health websites. Virally.

Again with no intervention or intention of the said Hospital.

Now of Data were to degrade 'graciously' then Google should then automatically assume the NEW PHONE NUMBER precedes over the OLD PHONE NUMBER (of 3 years ago).

So stuff like that.

By degrading it may not even necessarily mean - data should disappear completely, but the older the data - the further it should recede to the back of the queue.

In my view, that is fair and necessary.

Damn folks, are most people here so blind? I am reading many of the comments. This is so scary. It's like pre-fascism the way your minds are so inclined; you only need a leader - and then you complain about China and Australia.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 116

One of the reasons:

Because some people have been accused of crimes they did NOT commit.

The news went viral. Blogs, forums, web news won't bother removing the article.

Their names have been tarnished - forever. And there is nothing they can do about it.

So I see this as a good thing. If a person is guilty he should be in Jail.

Another reason:

Because we grow up, because we may do things we regret. Say trolling or posting a pic of someone in an embarrassing situation - pretty unfairly.

The internet shouldn't be some sort of permanent Karma DB, it is believe it or not simply a media channel, for entertainment and information.

If past stuff gets permanently locked in it could be widely abused; by employers, by the governments, by companies, by blackmailer - damn by criminals even. We will lose our freedom to err and learn. And everything would be in place for a Big Brother society to finally become.

Comment Re:Geeks Profit (Score 0, Troll) 122

.. people who go to school to learn how to make money or manage other people

gosh I hate those!!

maybe they should scrap all such disciplines related to management, business studies, etc

you can't really learn chemistry, physics, mathematics that well completely on your own.

but management? etc - you can from life experience.

so yeah probably most of the excellent managers out there are former computer programmer, designers, scientists, etc

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