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Comment Re:Er (Score 4, Insightful) 600

Traditional cruise control allows you to pick a constant speed, so I would expect it at least can do that. I would also expect the car has no way to know the posted speed limit of the road, thus the driver controls the speed of the car (that said, we have most of the pieces needed to make that work, and in fact I bet self-driving cars in testing do this, but for "semi-autonomous" I expect it's not worth the trouble to implement since any way you do it you need a bunch of extra equipment on the car to figure out what the speed limit is, which makes the feature more expensive... or the user can just set the proper speed himself for free.)

In the end it's the driver who is responsible for the actions of his car, as far as he can control them. The only things I can see wrong with autopilot with everything I've heard so far is the name, which may tempt a driver to assume it does more than it actually does, and the fact that giving a driver less things to concentrate on while driving can be dangerous in some cases if they still need to be able to react.

Comment Re:google chrome sleep mode? (Score 1) 377

Chrome will automatically unload the contents of tabs you can't see in low memory conditions. It also drastically reduces the firing rate of JavaScript timers and intervals on such tabs all the time when they are not visible. I think it might even freeze them now unless they are playing audio, not sure.

Comment Heuristics (Score 4, Interesting) 102

Scaife said. 'Antivirus is really good at stopping things it's seen before [...] That's where our solution is better than traditional anti-viruses. If something that's benign starts to behave maliciously, then what we can do is take action against that based on what we see is happening to your data.

That's called "heuristics" and AV has been doing that for quite a while now. And attackers will work around this system the same way they work around heuristics... if your system is freely available, they can download and test their ransomware against it until they can escape notice.

Comment Re:You've found my only weakness! (Score 1) 482

Easy to counter that. Require the user to leave credit card details when they take the bag. Inform bag holders if they fail to return the bag intact they will be charged a replacement fee. If they bought their ticket online you might already have those details, just make note of their ticket number. Actually, this could also be used to discourage scalping, come to think of it...

Comment Re:A sad day for our society (Score 5, Informative) 1718

About Reddit: One specific subreddit, /r/news, was censoring the story, apparently once news came out the shooter was Muslim with possible connections to ISIS. Other subreddits responding by /r/askreddit responded by allowing a post about it even though it's not within the subreddit's topics. /r/the_donald is also talking about it and making the front page with MANY posts, and /r/uncensorednews was established by the community and they have their own thread about it.

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