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The Military

Submission + - Less-lethal Gun Keeps Impact Energy Constant (thefirearmblog.com)

Anonymous Coward writes: "Future Weapons recently demonstrated a prototype less-lethal shotgun from Beretta that is able to kinetic energy expended on the target constant regardless of the range. This solves a common problem with less-lethal ammunition: they are often powerful enough to kill at close range and to weak at long range to stop the target. The system appears to have been patented back in 2000 but not seen in a working prototype until now. Less-Lethal weapon system are becoming important in the 'long war' where civilian casualties become significant set backs in winning hearts and minds."

Submission + - IBM to recycle silicon for solar (computerworld.com.au)

inkslinger77 writes: "IBM has created a process allowing its manufacturing facilities to re-purpose otherwise scrap semiconductor wafers. Since the silicon wafers need to be nearly flawless in order to be used, the imperfect ones are normally erased with acidic chemicals and discarded but IBM had been sandblasting theirs to remove proprietary material, and then either re-using them for test purposes or selling them to the solar industry. Annually, IBM estimates that the semiconductor industry discards as many as 3 million wafers worldwide."

Feed Engadget: Pioneer shows off a 3D gesture controller for cars at the Tokyo Motor Show (engadget.com)

Filed under: GPS, Transportation

Apparently this rig was at CEATEC and we missed it, but Pioneer is showing off a triple-screened 3D gesture controller for cars at the Tokyo Motor Show, and it looks pretty amazing. The left screen shows GPS, while the far right screen shows potential overlays -- selecting an icon from the right screen allows you to "grab" it from the middle holographic section and put it on the left GPS screen. It sounds crazy and potentially distracting, but it's got that KITT vibe we love so much, and it's interesting to see gesture and 3D come together like this. Check the read link for lots more pics of this thing in action.

[Via Navigadget and Switched]

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Office Depot Featured Gadget: Xbox 360 Platinum System Packs the power to bring games to life!


Submission + - Telephones ready for skype? (bbc.co.uk)

duggi writes: "Mobile phone provider 3 has launched a new pre-paid handset that will allow users to make free calls over the internet via telephony service Skype. How hard would this hit the established telecom industry, and how many products similar to skype are we going to see? This would ,most likely open up a debate on what the Mobile companies are charging us, and what alternatives we have to deal with them."

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