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Comment Re:Fake News (Score 1) 202

The paper said that aerodynamics are unable to explain how bumblebees fly.

What paper said that? The Weekly World News?

They weren't the original source, but I bet they picked up the story 10 or 15 years after it was first published.

The Weekly World News probably had proof that bumblebees came from a planet orbiting a small star in Andromeda, and that was the reason they could fly. I'm sure there were also stories over the year about them abducting and impregnating women who gave birth to half human/half Andromeda bee offspring too.

Comment Well... (Score 1) 93

"I mean, imagine everyone thinks they have to do 10,000 steps but you are not actually physically capable of doing that, you could actually cause harm or damage by doing so."

Well they can just swing their arm while holding the device like I've seen many people do. They can probably do that from the couch while eating Oreo's too. Problem solved.

Comment Misleding headline (Score 3, Funny) 79

GM Plans To Build, Test Thousands of Self-Driving Bolts In 2018

I forgot that they had a car named "Bolt" and thought they were taking about the fastener. A bolt that could turn itself and tighten to the proper amount of torque would be pretty cool. Granted, it would probably be prohibitively expensive, and not really make a lot of sense, but cool none the less.

Comment Re:CRISPR for the masses (Score 1) 162

For example, Heinlein in "Beyond This Horizon" describes a society, where this was done successfully

With all due respect to Heinlein, he's a fantastic writer in my opinion, it's just a story. There are a hell of a lot of variables in the real world. In a story, you only need to focus on what you want to. Life is much messier. You may be able to reproduce the result you are looking for the first time. But it's more likely to be a disaster the first dozen or couple hundred times. Heinlein was much smarter, and more pragmatic, than most of our decision makers are.

Comment Re:Yeah he should have just said "of course we tal (Score 1) 895

Fact remains though - when the call was made he was
1) Not in any way part of the executive branch
2) Not in any way authorized to speak on behalf of the executive branch

And therefore: flagrantly undermining the foreign policy objectives of the sitting president of the united states. Which is a crime and this application of the Logan act would almost certainly pass constitutional muster.

Didn't Nancy Pelosi undermine GWB's foreign policy objective of isolating Syria when she went there in 2007?

Or the 47 republican senators who wrote to Iran in 2015.

According to a memo in 1983 from Victor Chebrikov (head of the KGB) Ted Kennedy attempted to make a deal with Yuri Andropov to help him deal with Reagan if he would help him in the 1984 election.

Henry Ford, Jane Fonda, and many others have been accused of being in violation of the Logan act. I can go on naming possible violations, but it would be silly. The Logan Act is a pointless law from over 200 years ago that no one has ever been convicted of violating. I think there has only ever been one person charged with it, but was never convicted. Hell, the guy it was named after was elected to the senate two years after it was passed into law.

Comment Re:And the freezing temperature is...? (Score 1) 218

90C in a car? Are you sure you didn't mess up with the conversion?

I doubt he was mistaken. A car parked in the sun when it's 100F(38C) can quickly surpass 170F(77C). There are a lot of places in Texas that get hotter than that.

I didn't see what the outside temperature was in this link was, but at 1:30 in the afternoon the interior temperature was 85C. They managed to bake cookies.

Comment Re:Oh, noes... (Score 1) 110

Frankly, I'd rather have police accountability than privacy from having people see my face while I'm in public.

In general I agree with you. However, in the past, I've lived in some very not nice areas. I had the police come to my door several times a year asking if I had witnessed something, or investigating vandals that did similar things to my property as others, or stole the center caps out of the rims on one of my vehicles, etc. Usually I'd invite the officer in to discuss it. It's likely that I'm not the only person this has happened with. I think I'd have been less inclined to allow them in my home had they had body cameras, or even be willing to talk with them.

Comment Re:cost plus contract (Score 1) 68

1. if the US Government (contracting agency) changes anything after awarding the bid, cost plus activates. 2. if any other Government (China) changes any procurement procedures, cost plus activates. 3. finally, if an Act of God, War, or other devastation delays fulfillment, cost plus activates.

I don't know anything about cost plus contracts, but of the three things you listed, incompetence/negligence doesn't appear to activate cost plus.

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