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Comment 7.5 million views? (Score 2) 201

You'd think that, that many views would tell apple that people would like the headphone jack to remain. But I know they don't care. Hopefully other manufacturers will realize this and not remove it too. Regardless, I have no plans to get a new phone until my currently 2 generation old phone dies.

Comment Re:Obviously not the point, but higher paying jobs (Score 3, Insightful) 38

Except that's not how it will work. All of the people you stated will be let go, certainly will. The line workers may get a little more money, but the CEO and such will get most of it. Then new line workers will be hired for half of what the current ones are paid, with less benefits. Then anyone close to retirement age will be offered early retirement and replaced with more lower wage people. Any one else left will be given some sort of payoff to leave, or outright fired and in the end the line will be staffed with people who make a third to half of what the original workers did. The C level folks will get big bonuses. Then the customers will realize the quality of their products has gotten worse and profits will slide a little. And a new CEO will be brought in to cut costs and they will go on a steady decline and eventually offshore to China. Sadly, this seems to be the way of business these days.

Comment Re:Law of unintended consequences, also frosty (Score 5, Informative) 470

Does that mean if people keep using the phrase "I could care less", then the words could and couldn't officially switch meaning?

Yes, actually it does. The term "awful" used to mean the exact opposite of what it does currently. At one time if someone was in awe of something it was awful. Now awesome has replaced it and awful means the opposite.

Comment Re:Sociopath (Score 1) 409

Hillary is plainly a Sociopath. She has demonstrated no regard what-so-ever for the rule of law or the well being of anyone.

Being a sociopath is practically a prerequisite for running for a federal office these days. Sadly, I'm fairly certain this is the worst presidential election with regards to choices of candidates that I can recall. I'm not sure about Ford, Carter and McCarthy in '76 as it's been a while and I tend to remember the good more so than the bad. I usually vote third party, but even those choices seem pretty bad to me this time around.

Comment Re:Dementia, Idiot, or Liar (Score 2) 409

She either lied to the FBI, has dementia, or is an idiot. There's no fourth option.

Option 4. She was kidnapped by aliens between her briefing and her interview and who we currently think is Hillary is a cleverly disguised replacement.

Option 5. Bill had her replaced with a Stepford wife type robot years ago and a few bits got flipped regarding the briefing.

See, there are lots more options. Just none of them are good... or plausible. Unless you believe the stories in the World Weekly News. But they're still not good options.

Comment Re:Softare and wording problem (Score 1) 210

But I think you give people too much credit in assuming that everyone would instinctively understand that charging past "100" would be bad.

After how many exploding battery issues over the years? I'm pretty sure many people would be scared to do it even if they had reason to.

Comment Picked on? (Score 3, Funny) 410

He claimed Ireland was being "picked on" and that he hoped to see the Irish government launch an appeal against the ruling.

I'm sure Ireland will stand up for their rights and not be forced to accept this kind of treatment. It's appalling. I sure would if someone would "pick on" me by ordering a foreign company to pay me 15 billion euros. I mean really, who would put up with that kind of treatment? What's wrong with Europeans, this isn't the dark ages, you can't treat people like that.

Comment Re:Particle? (Score 5, Informative) 225

Aren't particles microscopic, something that can be measured in millimetres doesn't seem like it ought to be described as a particle...

In physics, yes. But they were using the general definition, which does seem somewhat out of place in this case, but is correct. This is similar to talking about a particle of dust getting into a camera lens.

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