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Comment Re:Not sure it's worth living that long (Score 1) 308

The summary gave a list of people he'd outlived. It didn't say that he'd lost the ability to form new relationships (and 4 wives suggests that wasn't the case), or even to care about people he wasn't directly related to.

I never said he couldn't. But I've know people who have lost a child. It's awful. I can't imagine how it would be to outlive all of them.

What an exhilarating challenge!

I think you've told us more about yourself than the subject of the article.

Not really. I lived in a house that didn't have running water when I was a kid. Unless you count the hand pump in the kitchen. I've seen a lot of change in my comparably short life. Many have been good, some miraculous, and some not so good.

There's nothing exhilarating about being challenged to fit into society. I hope I never get old enough that it becomes such. But I do find constantly learning new thing to be wonderful. I'd love to live that long, or longer. But only if I don't become a burden on society or spend my days thinking how awful everything is.

Politeness and paying attention are two things that I do miss. If you would have read the first part of my post you would have noticed that I was looking at both the good and the bad side of living that long, not simply the down side.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 530

Not sure where you are from, but that is exactly how this works in the Netherlands. You are responsible for providing the correct information. If after several years you are audited and you did not provide the correct information, you sure as hell will pay the taxes still owed, plus interest.

I'm not an Apple fan, but in this case I disagree. Yes, of course if I file incorrect tax returns the IRS (I'm in the US) can audit me and force me to pay the difference plus interest and penalties. But that's not what's happening in this case.

In this case, Apple paid what they were supposed to according to Irish tax law. Now they are being told that the the law was incorrect and they need to pay up.

How would you feel if you government suddenly informed you that you need to pay them and extra 30% (estimated Apple yearly gross from the EU at $50 billion for 2015) of your yearly gross income this year? Not because of a mistake you made, but because they didn't think you had paid enough, even though you complied with your taxes.

We've seen how this goes in Greece. Hell, they're pissed because this was necessary to keep the county solvent. That's not even the case here. This is just a case of them following the law and a governing body deciding that the law wasn't good enough and punishing them retroactively.

Comment Not sure it's worth living that long (Score 1) 308

he's already outlived four wives, all 10 of his brothers and sisters, and all of his children.

On one hand it would be kind of Interesting to be around that long. On the other, I can't imagine how terrible it would be to out live everyone you care about. And I would think it would be difficult to live in the world with the number of changes that have occurred over that amount of time. Think about the pace of life when he was a young adult compared to now.

Comment Re:Too secure for insecure? (Score 1) 563

The "justice system" is a third party.

If it was easy for third party states to gain information from her e-mail server then the "justice system" could have gained it just as easily. Maybe foreign states did hack her server.

For it to be admissible in court the Justice system needs to get a warrant first. A foreign agency or individual does not. There's a big damn difference.

It's just as likely that the NSA

It's very apparent that the NSA need(ed/s) to be reined in. While they were created in a different time and, possibly, needed to operate by a different set of rules at that time, it's become fairly obvious that they've over stepped their limits. I doubt any evidence that they may have gathered regarding the situation with Mr.s Clinton's email server would be admissible in court.

Comment Re:Yes, Because Optical Media Is Durable (Score 1) 382

I used reliable brands at the time. Sony, TDK, etc. All of them fade over time.

Memorex and TDK were terrible for longevity, though both had good names years ago. I can't say I ever used Sony though. But there are/were a lot of really bad brands. I have Verbatim CD's that are over 20 years old now and are still fine. I also have Verbatim DVDs that are well over 10 years old that are readable. Which brand media you use makes a big difference. Most Memorex and TDK DVD disks I've burned had errors within a year and I don't think any made it longer than three.

Comment Is Arnold working in HR at HP now? (Score 2) 194

HP intentionally discriminated against its older employees by targeting them for termination [...] and then systematically replacing them with machines

On August 24, 2016 Skynet became self aware and started terminating those who were old enough to be a threat, or at least look up from their cell phone occasionally. Fortunately for humanity, John Connor (in 2027) sent Kyle Reese back in time to save them...

Kyle Reese: You've been targeted for termination!

Arun Vatturi: What? You're going to have to speak up sonny.

Kyle Reese: Come with me if you want to live!

Arun Vatturi:Sorry young man, my hearing-aid...[falls to the floor after multiple gunshots]

Kyle Reese: You've been targeted for termination!

Sidney Staton: Slow down, this walker only has one speed [drops over from a heart attack]

Kyle Reese: Shit. Sara Conner was never this difficult. [suddenly is aware of approaching terminator].

Terminator: [Raises hand and stops] Don't leave me hanging.

Kyle Reese: Wait. What! Why do you want a hi-five?

Terminator: You saved me a couple of bullets, and blood on my new leather jacket. It's Prada

Terminator: I'm going hack the 401K of a guy in Texas and another in Washington.

Kyle Reese: Why would you do that? You don't need money.

Terminator: Half the time they drop over dead when they realize they lost their retirement.

Kyle Reese: You don't hunt them down?

Terminator: No. Telecommuting is more efficient. And the weight fees for the extra seat on flights is ridiculous.

Kyle Reese: Eff this, I'm going to go find Sara Connor. Don't you usually go after her?

Terminator: After five movies, a TV series, and a tepid reboot it's too expensive. IT workers are like fish in a barrel.

Comment Re: Worldwide news are always US only. (Score 1) 256

Well, umm, actually we are. The only countries in the world that don't use the metric system are the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar.

Damn near anything that you can purchase by weight or volume is listed in imperial and metric on the label. Just look at the labels. So it is in use.

Canada still uses imperial units for many things. If you ask most Canadians how much they weight, they'll tell you in pounds. Speed limits in the UK are in MPH. Real estate in Hong Kong is measured by the sq. foot. Gas (petrol) is sold by the gallon in a dozen or so countries still. While the US, Myanmar and Liberia are the only three countries to not make metric the official system, the usage of imperial units is still very common in many countries.

Comment Re:Except they do already (Score 1) 128

I currently have a Dell laptop for work, and it crashes about six times a week on average. It is making my life a living hell.

My last three work laptops have been Dell Precision's. I can't say I've had any issues like you are describing. I had my previous one for three years and would have kept using it, except I needed more video RAM. My current one is a little over 4 years old now and hasn't had any issues either.

Comment Re:There's an easy way around this any way. (Score 1) 128

"Hello AT&T customer service" "Yes I would like to enter an RMA Please. I was in my room when suddenly my phone CAUGHT FIRE!. I was in such a panic about it, I threw the phone down the stairs and it landed in the toilet. Thankfully that put the fire out but I'm pretty sure that's not supposed to happen, so can you warranty this?"

As long as the little white square under the battery is not pink, you're covered. ;-)

Comment Re:Except they do already (Score 2) 128

I've had five Apple laptops since 2003, and all five have had problems with they keyboard. They've been playing that refuse any repairs game for over a decade.

Why would you keep doing this? Personally, after the first time, I'd have been done with any products from most companies that did this. I suppose if I really liked the product and there was more to it, I might consider giving them another shot. But you went back four more times after the first. Why?

Comment Re:So it's a PC (Score 1) 264

That will no longer be an issue and we should be damn near universal back compat for the next 20 years. (barring some quantum leap in power).

Why would the smallest possible increase in power negate this? I would think that a really large one would make upgrading relevant. Is it opposite (or marketing) day and I missed the memo?

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