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Comment Re:Freakonomics? (Score 1) 627

If this is true, why is the murder rate so much lower in the rest of the G20 nations, so much so as to make that prevalent in the USA a source of international embarrassment? Your argument is the same as those offered by Big Tobacco for so many years, that even though there is such a strong correlation between the availability of X and the detriment attributed to X to suggest certainty, you can't provide an airtight proof that X caused the detriment. Well, you can't really disprove it either, I say, which makes my near-certainty trump Big Guns' feeble attempts to cast doubt.

Comment Re:Did Zuckerberg ever have to get past HR? (Score 1) 716

Exactly my question - how many of these people dropped out BEFORE they struck it rich? To that, I only have this to add - how many people do you suppose got hired at Microsoft, Facebook, Dell, Twitter, Tumblr, Apple, or anywhere else that was founded by a dropout, without at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or some related field? I got my degree from SUNY; do you think any of these companies would even take a passing glance at my resume? Skipping college is about as good an idea as not getting your kids immunized.

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