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Comment I don't want free shipping (Score 2, Insightful) 183

Its not really free, you're still paying for it - The cost is just built into the product prices.

I want to PAY the market cost, for MY CHOICE of shipping method and carrier.

And I want to be able to specify that choice, and verify the pricing, BEFORE I enter a credit card number or any other financial info, and even without having to "log in" first. And I definitely don't want my card number stored from one purchase to the next, partly because I use disposable numbers, but also because for EACH PURCHASE I want positive control over the transaction. Its the same reason I keep my wallet in my pocket until the cashier has rung up my total at a brick&mortar.

When Amazon offers that, then it will be news worth reading.

Comment The simplest solution would be (Score 1) 295

to get a PO box, and have all packages shipped to you there. Its 100% secure, nobody but you can get your package. And USPS shipping is usually less expensive than other options.

The only problems are:

- many companies have exclusive contracts with shipping carriers that cannot deliver to PO boxes, and
- many companies refuse to ship to PO boxes even if they do offer USPS shipping, possibly out of obsolete paranoia.

Comment Oh the humanity! (Score 1) 67

People actually being allowed to CHOOSE which companies are allowed to use their personal info.

Why is that a bad idea, again?

(Corporate entities that people widely choose to NOT trust with their data, especially ones that most people have no choice but to be customers of, if they want decent broadband Internet, need not answer)

Comment Busybox (Score 1) 56

is not "a pared-down version of the Linux operating system"

It is often USED as PART of a pared-down Linux install, but is not itself a version of Linux.

BusyBox combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable. It provides replacements for most of the utilities you usually find in GNU fileutils, shellutils, etc.

Comment Re:USPS (Score 5, Informative) 239

The USPS is not losing money as a result of its own operational costs vs income.

All the money the USPS is "losing" is being paid into a fund to pay retiree benefits for employees 75 years into the future - YES, that would include costs for employees that have not even been BORN YET.


And note that by law, the USPS can NEVER make a profit. "Breaking even" is the absolute BEST it is ever allowed to do.

Comment The option I want to see (Score 1) 239

is the option where *I* as the paying customer get to control how packages are delivered to me, and by which service.

And I am happy to pay the associated shipping costs for my choice - I never asked for "free shipping"

I cannot order from Amazon at all, ever, because shipping is "pot luck" and I *MUST* know how something will be shipped BEFORE placing any order.

UPS CAN NOT deliver to me, PERIOD. I can accept FedEx, but need to list a different delivery address. Or I can go with USPS to my home address (preferred)

Amazon REFUSES to let the customer specify a carrier, or even INFORM which carrier will be used, until after you submit your order including payment information. Until they change that I must refuse to order anything from Amazon.

Comment Tesla (Score 1) 261

should form a small LLC to act as a "dealership" - have it get dealership licenses in as many jurisdictions/states as it can, and then simply buy them or merge with them.

"have a relationship with a car manufacturer" is a bullshit requirement if "BEING a car manufacturer" doesn't fulfill it.

Comment Kill? (Score 3, Insightful) 177

Seems a sort of redundant thing to do to a rotting corpse.

Windows got on PC's because it got popular before anything else existed, and then once it was the most popular it used proprietary protocols, formats as well as illegal activity to choke out any competition and set its monopoly as far into stone as possible. People live with it because they either know nothing else or have just accepted failure as "normal" on their PC's

Its only just starting to lose the stranglehold.

With phones, MS was late to the market, after there were not one but TWO well established alternatives. NO one except the most die-hard MS supporter or the most completely clueless person is going to touch windows phones with a ten foot pole.

Comment Re:I wish they would just completely KILL flash (Score 1) 153

I am mostly migrated to Chromium.

There are just a few things that I have to use Chrome for.

One of them is a function of my bank's online banking service which they have STILL not migrated from flash. Unfortunately, the only other comparable bank to offer the relevant service, ALSO uses flash for that same function, so there's no where else to go. I've explained to them why they need to get off flash and I am waiting.

Flash needs to die and everything that uses it needs to migrate or DIE as well.

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