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Comment Re:No. (Score -1) 173

There is a difference between reading my site and making a copy of it so you can host it on your site and then start soliciting ad revenue and donations. But it doesn't surprise me. Archive.org has always had a "we'll do as we #%(*&@%*&@% please with your web site" attitude. They've also never been shy about waving their non-profit flag with one hand while grabbing cash with the other and don't get me started on that racist bigoted cunt Cory Doctorow. Then again, if archive.org actually thinks they are in control of someone else's server, it's only a matter of time before someone shows them how wrong they are. I think there was a Star Trek episode about this. "I am the captain of this ship. I control the computer. Mine is the final command."

Comment Re:Cutting edge new features vs reliability, use c (Score -1) 238

Alright, after four references to the mouse wheel, I'm calling bullshit. You are engaging in an ancient practice called FUD. Linux is the most popular and widely-used operating system in history. The reasons are obvious.

The only reason I use Windows --the ONLY reason-- is because it runs the Adobe Creative Suite. If Adobe ported their apps to Linux, Wine or other, I would dump Windows so fast Superman wouldn't be able to keep up.

P.S. I've been using Linux as a primary work desktop for 23 years. I've built five successful businesses on it. I can say with absolute certainty that I have never once EVER had a problem with a mouse wheel.

Comment Good for Him (Score -1) 374

I have nothing but respect for what you've accomplished, Mr. Shuttleworth. I think Ubuntu and Canonical have done more for Linux than most people will ever know.

Just take a moment out of your day when you get a chance and thank God you aren't a game developer, because if you think you've seen haters, you will be amazed at how much worse it can get.

If Linux's biggest problem is its users, gaming's biggest problem is gamers.

Comment I Just Got Fired (Score -1) 140

I had all six at various points during my career.

I tried to do a good job, but it didn't matter. I was driven out of every job, mainly because I didn't respond properly when ordered to "do it wrong or you're fired."

If you have a bad manager (and you always will) you can't win. Managers have the unassailable power to ruin your life and they will never fail to do so. Then they will hire some half-literate former janitor from overseas to pretend to do your job until the stock options vest.

Comment Re:"IT" is on its way out (Score -1) 272

I applied at a large recruiter in Orange County about a year ago. I got two immediate responses. In the first, for a Javascript job (19 years Javascript experience) I was subjected to no fewer than FIVE interviews and a technical test on the same day (the siege lasted for nearly four hours -- when I wasn't interviewing I was supposed to be getting acquainted with the recent high school graduates who were going to be my supervisors). I didn't get hired.

In the second, for an HTML/CSS job (21 years total experience), I got an offer. I went to the recruiter to fill out paperwork, signed an arbitration agreement (slick, huh?) and then was told by some 23-year-old sandal-wearing "account executive" the company had withdrawn the offer to re-evaluate.

Never again.

If you're having trouble finding people in Orange County, it's because the recruiting companies and the companies they hire for are frauds.

Comment Re:500K openings, 500K unemployable morons (Score -1) 348

> then companies like Google wouldn't feel motivated to put interviewees through these grueling, demoralizing, dehumanizing interviews

Google does that because they enjoy being in a position of total power over another human being. It has nothing to do with the job. They've also admitted it's useless and ineffective.

> Too bad they're completely unemployable.

Let's see how well things go when those millions of "unemployable" people realize there's no hope.

> Completely mind-numbing. But this company was successful at meeting predictable deadlines by employing thousands of relatively mindless IT graduates.

The company was also successful at hiding the utter incompetency of its management.

American employers and the people who run them make more money hiring someone who will pretend to do the job until the company goes out of business than they do hiring someone who will actually do the job and produce a better product and more business.

Fraud, lying and theft are much easier than working. It is all corrupt. Corrupt through and through. The American workplace is about hookers, drugs, porn, theft, embezzlement, securities fraud, government payoffs, bilking taxpayers and media manipulation.

Comment You Are Controlled (Score -1) 521

You no longer control the computer. It controls you.

Your data also belongs to GoogleAppleFacebookTwitter

Hope auto-save is worth it. I'll stick with Emacs. It makes backups automatically if I configure it to. It does versioning too. Automatic backups are a better feature.

Comment Butthurt (Score -1) 74

The only reason people are pissed off about Creative Cloud is because they can't pirate Photoshop any more.

Of course, those same people have no problem with Steam, even though it uses the same DRM.

Typical neckbeard hypocrites. Now mod it down you bunch of diaper wearing crybabies.

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