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Journal Journal: Trolling wherever you go! 2

Ahh, the wonders of having access to the Internet from multiple places. It presents the ability to troll in so many enviroments. From work, home, and school, trolling is extremely fascinating.

Home is generally the safest place because you can post goatse without having your teacher or boss to worry about. You can discuss how CmdrTaco's penis is small and how much he sucks and all. Home is the best place to troll.

Trolling from school is entertaining while in the middle of a Computer Science class. Done all your work? Troll on Slashdot as it is generally more effective than doing work in class.

Trolling from work is a way to escape from the world of fellow co-workers. Yet this place is the least safe seeing that your boss wouldn't want you "wasting" your time.

I say go-forth, and troll Slashdot as it is the best place to troll on the Internet. No matter what time or place, troll Slashdot wherever you go.


Journal Journal: Why I troll Slashdot... 11

There are hundreds of trolls on Slashdot. So many trolls that I find it quite hard to count them. Yet I am one of them, posting my turds and feces across this very land.

I started to troll Slashdot because I got sick of making my karma on my normal account go high. Currently it is at +30 and I am starting to get sick of it. Then after reading some BOFH text files on an old CD-R of mine, it occurred to me that I should troll.

Now, I wouldn't say I am the unique troll as there are trolls who are somewhat like me. I just post what I feel like posting and that is about it. I don't generally crap-flood after a certain person liked my trolls, but disliked my attempt. I don't act like a Jeff K. wannabe, even though I find him extremely hilarious (even though he is not real). Nor do I go around making fun of Windows when I am not a Linux zealot (or a BSD zealot, etc).

Here are some truths about me...

Where are you from?
I live in Vancouver, Canada. Yes, we have Internet. In fact, my Internet bill (ADSL 1640/640 Kbps DSL) only costs $20 USD a month.

Do you like Linux?
Yes. But I don't go around toting that Linux is the OS that is better than Windows, per se. I do use it as a firewall and web server and I find it way more flexible than Windows.

Do you like Microsoft?
Somewhat. If I had the chance to tell Mr. Gates XP sucked, I would. I would also tell him that Bob and ME sucked too. I also dislike the X Box seeing that it is twice the size of my Playstation 2, my DVD, satellite receiver, and is almost the size of my old dual-head, mono-aural VCR from 1986.

Do you hate Slashdot?
I troll, what does that tell you?

What do you think of Open-Source?
It is neat; I have learned some C++ from various open-source projects so I don't generally hate it.

What type of topic do you hate on Slashdot?
"Your rights Online," it does bring up good things half the time yet there are some asstastic articles that don't need to be up. Like 'Canada hates it when you use their flag on your website,' and stuff like that.

Can I be your friend?
Only if you like my trolls and you contact me by my e-mail address first.

Ask me questions, I'll answer them!

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