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Comment The Ghost of Ned Ludd (Score 3, Informative) 414

The folks with all the money realized a few decades ago: there's just too many people (as other than prostitutes and bodyguards, we don't need them anymore due to off-shoring, computerization and automation).

But rolling the cattle trucks is a bit too on the nose, so let's go with Permanent War, sugar-based industrialized food, set them at each others' throats with race and religion-based hatreds, choke-off competent and well-funded primary education, and what the hell, add in the idea that vaccines are a bad idea.

Comment Funny stuf (Score 1) 165

The DEA had paid out $237 million to over 9,000 informants over five years towards the end of 2015, according to the report. The Economist writes that "travelers no doubt paid the price in increased searches," adding that the resulting searches were all probably illegal.

Like anything FedGov does is 'illegal' anymore. Funnie stuff. My aching sides.

Comment Good luck, Europe (and China) (Score 0) 431

Because not one near-worthless American dime will be spent on alternative energy research in now Big Oil America. I also fully expect any and all solar / wind subsidies to be eliminated (hell, they'll probably be levied a Big Oil Butt-Hurt tax to compensate for the Oil Patch's hard times).

On the plus side, you will actually be able to see the air that will kill you visibly descend.

Comment Re:treating the symptoms (Score 1, Interesting) 360

Look. If you think your populace is too stupid to discern between a clickbait tabloid and real news (whatever the fuck that is these days), going after the messengers will only aggravate the issue.

This is windfall of the long-term, intentional program of the right to destroy competent US primary (secular) education. An ignorant populace is an easily deluded and manipulated populace.

This priority is right up there with dog-whistling intolerance and minority voter disenfranchisement.

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