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Comment Yes, and (Score 2) 418

Keep in mind the LEO community of every stripe (pastry?) came out overwhelmingly for Trump. Hell, the goons in US Customs and Border Protection (CPB) were *actively* ignoring Federal judge court orders banning Bannon's XO.

Plenty of US Blue Shirts champing at the bit to be Il Trumpe's brown shirts. Psychotic high school bullies don't change: they just become cops.

Comment Ryan and Rand (Score 4, Insightful) 369

Years ago, the Right Wing realized the US has waaay more people than they needed (those needs only being cord wood troopers for lucrative Endless War (TM), former Seal Team 6 security goons, and only the top-shelf prostitutes and rent boys). So short of rolling the cattle trucks and firing up the ovens, how best to get rid of all these useless people?

The total destruction of any type of governmental safety net. Cut most and privatize the rest (just like they are with jails and prisons), and all those un-needed proles will stop dropping like flies. First the aged, then the disabled, and most of the poor (with of a carve-out for the true believer white ones).

Donald's daily circus shit-show is merely distraction from the real agenda of Ayn Rand devotees like Ryan.

Comment Quasi-socialism (Score 1) 399

This is akin to socialism, which works very well... when everyone is from the same Tribe and are related going back 15 generations.

But it all falls apart when the neighbors are the wrong color, or religion, or accent, or we don't have the same great-great-great-great-great grandfather.

In summary: people in aggregate, suck.

Comment Sure (Score 1) 325

Government business, not party business.

There is no evidence that Trump or the GOP are doing any of this. Furthermore, the only possible use of an app like Confide would be for purpose (1), but that is something government officials can already achieve simply by making a phone call or meeting in person.

The day after his party killed the one federal agency tasked with ensuring voting machine security.

Monsters and the monsters that defend them.

Comment The Ghost of Ned Ludd (Score 3, Informative) 414

The folks with all the money realized a few decades ago: there's just too many people (as other than prostitutes and bodyguards, we don't need them anymore due to off-shoring, computerization and automation).

But rolling the cattle trucks is a bit too on the nose, so let's go with Permanent War, sugar-based industrialized food, set them at each others' throats with race and religion-based hatreds, choke-off competent and well-funded primary education, and what the hell, add in the idea that vaccines are a bad idea.

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