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Submission + - Google announces fiber plans, pricing (kansascity.com)

Kiyyik writes: "Google just announced the details behind their inaugural fiber optic service in Kansas City. They're doing a set of packages including $120/month for tv plus internet, $75/month for internet alone, and regular 'conventional' internet for a one time $300 fee. Rollouts are starting in the central areas and will work their way out on a demand basis: at least ten percent of a neighborhood must sign up for the service before Google will come in and start hanging fiber."

Submission + - Google Fiber Announcement in Kansas City, July 2012 (youtube.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Google's announcement provided details of their Kansas City Gigabit Fiber project. .Preregistration starts today.

From http://googlefiberblog.blogspot.com/2012/07/how-do-you-want-your-internet-you-choose.html
"Gigabit + Google Fiber TV: What’s better than a gig of Internet? A gig plus TV, designed for how you watch today and how you’ll watch tomorrow. Google Fiber TV carries hundreds of channels (including your local favorites) and tens of thousands of shows on demand in crystal clear HD. With eight tuners and 2TB of DVR storage, you’ll never have to miss a show again. You’ll also get a brand new Nexus 7 tablet that you can use as your remote control. Gigabit + Google Fiber TV will cost $120 per month, and we’ll waive the $300 construction fee.
Gigabit Internet: With a gig, you can do everything you love on the web at speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans enjoy today. This package will include a gigabit-enabled network box with advanced WiFi and 1TB of cloud storage on Google Drive. Gigabit Internet will cost $70 per month, and we’ll waive the $300 construction fee."

They're using a clever pre-registration and "fiberhood" method to determine the first service areas http://googlefiberblog.blogspot.com/2012/07/how-to-get-google-fiber.html

A video of today's announcement is at http://youtu.be/6uZVqPuq81c (The first five minutes is a digital rabbit followd by a one hour presentation.)

Google will be offering content to fill up the bits as well. http://www.google.com/tv/apps.html

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