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Comment Re:Meaningless data (Score 1) 230

And your answer is fallacious. How I sound has no bearing on the argument.

I could also say that you sound like a simpleton who equates brains with arrogance because you would like everyone else to go down to your level, where you might have a chance to defend yourself even with your stunted wits.

Comment Meaningless data (Score 4, Insightful) 230

What's the point in polling a population who believe in angels, has but the slightest knowledge of history and geography and is almost illiterate in science?

40% of Americans probably couldn't understand what "nearly 40% of Americans" even means.

We could as well discuss the percentage of toddlers who think their mum should be Queen of America.

Comment Re:The Olympic Dream (Score 1) 280

was hosting the Olympics such a good idea?

It depends on the size of the bribe. If the bribe was large enough, it was a great idea for the bribed ones. Otherwise, they are just imbeciles.

How many cash, Brazilian whores and coke would have been needed to convince you to happily have exactly the same idea? Do you think you're more expensive to corrupt than the actual decision makers? I doubt it.

Comment Re:The ego... (Score 5, Funny) 428

What amazes me most is when Mr. Reznor dresses up as a young female Korean go player and manages to play go at pro level.

Or when he explains general relativity, as an American Professor , even posing weekly problems about space-time!

Or when he plays various of the lates videogames at pro skill level, perfectly characterized as a young american!

Or when he teaches lockpicking opening challenge locks in under a minute!

That Trent guy is AMAZING!

(However, now that I know about his amazing transformism ability, I'm a bit scared about Trent's implication in redtube)

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