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Comment Re:How about telling Analytics to take a hike? (Score 1) 406

There is a contract. It's called the terms of service. By using the site you agree to that contract.

I don't think it's that simple. A contract has to be enforceable in a court of law, or it's just a worthless piece of paper. Now, if some web surfer in Tibet reads slashdot, there is no court anywhere that can enforce the terms of service of slashdot. The web surfer is probably anonymous anyway, but certainly the courts in Tibet won't enforce these terms, and a court in the US physically can't.

The only actual terms of service that the surfer in Tibet has entered into are with his local ISP, who have no connection with slashdot. Instead, the local ISP has a contract with another ISP, etc moving up the chain and back down again until you reach the owners of The fact that the web surfer in Tibet can read the site is merely a side-effect which is not covered by any jurisdiction.

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