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Comment Re:Well, why don't we change it? (Score 1) 981

What if they someday find a "gay gene" (or even just those for various intersex conditions) and cure those?

"Would you like to be heterosexual, just like everyone else?"

(The interesting thing about that is that you can piss off both sides of that debate. What if, in the future, being gay or not was indisputably a choice thanks to medical science? Would those who chose to cure themselves be seen as traitors or...?)

Offering the choice is not the same as shoving it down everyones throat.

Add in that the opposite choice would be true, the technology might allow one to be made gay.

"Would you like to be gay, bisexual or asexual, unlike everyone else?"

People can go to great lengths to modify themselves to not be like everyone else, to stand out.

Bisexuality would double your dating prospects, you can bet some would opt for it if there was a inexpensive treatement.

Comment Re:Because we all know.... (Score 1) 746

In your example the system's chaotic features can be neglected as you increase the length scale. I haven't seen anything that shows that this applies to modeling of the earth... Also chaotic systems become increasingly difficult to predict as the time scale increases... especially global trends. The problem with climate is that we are dealing with high order non-linear differential equations with very many terms. The ignorance of even a few of these terms can completely invalidate any predictions of future events and trends. In the book Chaos Making a New Science it mentions that many attempts at climate models have found only one stable solution and that is a frozen earth that reflects all energy out. It mentions that people who tried could not find a "normal temperature" for the earth. Warming trends and ice ages could just be products of the chaotic system we live in... sure adding CO2 might raise temperatures in the short span of a few decades but what will be the result in a few hundred years? Also, I remember hearing somewhere that water vapor contributes to the greenhouse effect by many orders of magnitude more than CO2... does anybody know how much truth is in this?

Comment Re:The hack (Score 2, Interesting) 746

As a Canadian I say...

If it is not true... wonderful climate change is not that bad.
If it is true... wonderful... no more snow in winter!

Sorry to any part of the world negatively affected by global warming. Where I live (away from the ocean, in a cold climate), a degree warming can only be a good thing.

Comment Re:The whole story... (Score 1) 344

Other posts seem to imply that the mayor WANTS to chase the students out of town. I hope that whatever the outcome that it does not affect the UPMC donations that go to the pittsburghpromise.org program. Since I'm a local to Pittsburgh and none of the students that nest here for four years ever stay I'd like to not change a program like this that educates Pittsburghers as I think if they're already from here they're more likely to stick around.

Comment Re:Kyllo (Score 1) 297

I've seen some pictures of the inside of a garage that was being used for growing pot. Tons of it. There are high voltage lamps all over, fans, and the back wall is covered in electric sockets. I counted about 40 power cables plugged in, and 25 transformers, just in one partial picture. It looks like a really badly run network back room, except with power cables instead of ethernet.

This is not at all the same as someone raising fish or reptiles :-)

Comment N900: Linux apps? shipping yet? Is it still $550? (Score 1) 485

The N900 is about to be launched. Come on over to http://www.maemo.org/
You will be welcome, and no one will tell you what you can, or cannot do.

I'm interested in knowing more about this. Do N900 applications need to be ported or can we just grab stuff from, say, Ubuntu and have it work on the N900? I understand that I'll probably have to recompile it, but do I need to modify the source code to get it to work?

The reason I ask is, of course, because applications are key to a computer like the N900 or the iPhone surviving and thriving; even Apple says "There's an App for that." If the N900 can take advantage of the multitude of FOSS already out there for Linux, that would slingshot its power out beyond anything the iPhone can provide.

On a semi-related topic: Is the N900 shipping yet? I keep hearing stories about how it will be Real Soon Now. I ordered mine on Amazon for the reduced price of $582, but it's now on sale for $550 or so. Should I cancel my $582 order and re-preorder it at $550? I even hear rumours of a $50 rebate on top of the $550, making the effective price $500 or so. Anyone able to comment on this?

Comment Re:Where are the people going to move to? (Score 1) 485

I think actually Android will do pretty well, but one thing to consider is that it's not as easy to port things as you might imagine - although the devices have similar hardware, the iPhone has some pretty impressive libraries around animations and so on and also more default UI kinds of libraries you have to build out a bit on Android.

Furthermore you have a fixed size screen on the iPhone and the screen size could vary quite a bit for an android app, not to mention some users will not have multi-touch and some will have a fixed keyboard etc. etc.

Also the last thing is, is that if iPhone growth did start to slow (and so far there is no sign that is the case) then all Apple has to do is open up more - if they determine that to be the reason growth is slowing.

So even though I see Android doing pretty well with a fair share of apps, I think they will have a rough time catching up to Apple - especially since any good idea done on the Android first will be ported quickly to the iPhone where I don't see the reverse case being true.

Comment Re:Where does this leave GIMP? (Score 1) 900

Easy to say, easy to Prove? I'm not convinced. I work with Artists, and Graphic Artists at a national graphics company. These artists beat the drum for anything Adobe, but in a AS3 program, you can't import an *.AI, *.EPS, or *.PS file; why? I can with GIMP. Then I convert it to *.PNG, or *.SVG, and AS3 can import it; why do I have to jump through these hoops? I can say this, "I'm richer for Adobe's clumsiness."

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