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Comment This is nothing new (Score 1) 1217

Just a change in scale form what I've experienced the last 11 years I've had kids in the public schools. Every year it's been a mandate: buy this specific binder, this specific protractor, but this specific calculator (child fails 20% of grade if you supply them with a better one), etc. The leap from a $60 calculator to a $900 laptop isn't that big for a bureaucracy like most school districts.

Comment Hershey... (Score 1) 804

needs to take advantage of the situation and send this girl a lifetime supply of Jolly Ranchers - or even better, send every household in Orchard, TX a free bag of candy. What will definitely turn into a PR nightmare for the district can be a PR coup for the candymaker!

Comment Re:Three options (Score 1) 1032

Steel wool actually works because as the rat tries to chew through the steel wool, it fills it's stomach with little shards of steel and will crawl away to die in peace. Copper wool actually works better for this type of scenario as:
1) It is less flammable
2) It doesn't rust as badly
3) Copper is also a potent rodent poison, it will more likely kill the rats before they can gnaw through.

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