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Comment Re:then can create a single wifi network? (Score 1) 49

you mean like every wifi ap ever?

WDS doesn't work at all with a lot of APs, and doesn't work properly with even more (e.g. won't interoperate with other AP software than itself.) Tomato and OpenWRT are both good platforms for actually making WDS work, though.

Same comment as the one I made above. WDS and ESSID are different things.

ESSID is the one that's worked from day one. WDS (4 address frames) took a bit longer to be properly comprehended by P802.11 and it is not something you want to use unless you need it. I remember an 802.1/11 summit in a plenary meeting where competing views of how to comprehend WDS in the 802.1 architecture were put forth.


Comment Re: then can create a single wifi network? (Score 1) 49

Isn't "WDS" ( quite common in most routers today?

I've used it with a bunch of old tp-link adsl-modems/Wi-Fi routers to extend a Wi-Fi network. It worked fine.

WDS and ESSID are two different things.
ESSID is multiple APs on the same LAN allowing STAs to roam freely between them.
WDS is 4-address frames (normal frames have 3) to allow AP-AP communication.

Comment Re:then can create a single wifi network? (Score 1) 49

Yes, this is right.

One reason for people buying Unifi APs rather than router/wifi combo boxes from any other vendor is that there don't seem to be many other vendors who sell straight up APs other that overpriced vendors like Cisco.

It was not like this in the past. The first APs were all APs.

>The downside is that you'll need a router to plug all these devices into.
Well a PoE ethernet switch. The router can be elsewhere.

Comment Re:then can create a single wifi network? (Score 1) 49

with two or more wifi AP? I haven't seen consumer level do that. Enterprise does this but not a router that you picked up at your local Best Buy.

Yes, Every AP does that. It's integral to the protocol. Two APs with the same SSID on the same ethernet form an ESSID.

Comment Re:I Think this article might be a bit misleading. (Score 1) 189

Well, fine, if you want to think of it that way, go ahead, Pretty much every single physicist would say you're wrong, but what do they know, with their "degrees"...

If you want to count the length of the procedure from the time the entities at both end perform and evaluation, then fine. But that's skipping over the time for the entangled photons to get from hither to thon.

All this yields is a shared private key. Of course some one has already unrolled a reel of fiber optic from hither to thon. You could have just let them transport the key in their pocket.

Comment Re:I Think this article might be a bit misleading. (Score 1) 189

information since information is simply data that has a meaning or use.

Data that to an observer is 100% random is not "transmitted information" in a physics context. Or in an information theory context either

Bullshit. It is transmitted along the fiber optic cable, at a fraction of the speed of light in a vacuum, to yield the same random value at both ends. By being unpredictable, it meets the definition of information.

Comment Re:I Think this article might be a bit misleading. (Score 2) 189

Someone explained this news to me recently, they said the scientists didn't send ~information~ over quantum entanglement, they sent the data across normal networking means and sent and a key to unlock the data via quantum entanglement. The method used has deep implications for security and encryption methods, but not faster than light data transfer. Just wanted to clear that up.

Quantum Key Distribution: More expensive and less practical that putting the key on a USB stick and driving it to the other end.

Comment Re:Oh dear, poor SpaceX. (Score 1) 55

Actually, salmon wouldn't be a bad choice for a fish-based rocket. It's a fatty fish, and fats burn well in hybrid rockets.

You of course couldn't have a kerosene and salmon rocket, since you need to burn the fish with an oxidizer. But you could have a lox-LOX rocket ;)

With a Toro-LOX boost stage for heavy loads.

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