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Comment Re:Nope (Score 2, Interesting) 52

Apple's highly innovative inventions, namely flat rectangle with a screen on it, and an arrangement of icons in a grid clearly constitute innovations of incalculable value. Where as Qualcomm's patents simply involve leading edge telecommunication developments that far surpass most of their rivals in performance. Obviously, nothing special. Surely not noteworthy enough for their extensive paten portfolio, one of the largest in the wireless world, to justify 5x the royalty rates.

And yet WiMax far outperformed anything the Q was doing at the time and is still competitive with LTE today. This is because lots of other companies can do telecommunication tech too and in particular, the computer companies liked 802 data networks,which make much more sense than the ITU protocols if you're sending more IP traffic than voice traffic and so 802.16 came into being. It was great while it lasted. I still have my WiMax dongle and it was fast at a time that 3G phones were a joke in terms of fast data communications.

Comment Re:Massive failure from all involved (Score 1) 165

>In computers, "random number generators" are often only pseudo-random, and are in fact deterministic.

Unless they are the ones commonly found in every modern CPU, which include an entropy source.
Intel : http://www.rambus.com/wp-conte...
VIA : http://www.rambus.com/wp-conte...
Many Arm Socs: https://community.arm.com/mana...

Comment Re:Massive failure from all involved (Score 2) 165

[...] an extremely complex non-deterministic processor [...]

[citation needed]

Since it's my job to put the nondeterministic stuff into your CPUs, I don't need no stinking citation.

The top three source of non determinism.

B) Asynchronous interfaces

If your computer is a phone or otherwise has a wireless interface, the second largest source of non determinism is the antenna.

Comment Re:3D TV is dead? (Score 2) 380

Was it ever really alive?

No. The cinemas started showing lots of blockbuster 3D screens and the occasional 2D. They quickly switched to the other way around when all the customers thought "screw wearing stupid glasses" and went for the 2D.

That was before 3D TV got going. So it was dead before it started.

Comment Re:Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 145

Get a better antenna, friend. :-) If an 8-bay semi-directional on a tall mast, properly aimed (or on a rotator, if the towers are spread out) won't do the job, then you must either live way out in the boonies, or in a canyon, or in an urban canyon.

I can see the towers from my house and I have a flat roof. Easiest Yagi install ever. The Roku is still better though.

Comment Re:More Space Please (Score 1) 186

Even with unlimited space it makes sense. No need to get up, pants around your ankles, and shuffle over to the bidet. When you are finished washing and the drier has done most of the work, you will probably want toilet paper unless you have a butt towel, and the toilet is the ideal place to dispose of it.

Also you don't need a second heated seat for the separate bidet, and it's one less thing to clean.

Oh yes, Japanese toilets are self cleaning.

But with a separate toilet you can rest your latte on the toilet while you use the bidet.

West coast, best coast!

Comment Re:Share and Enjoy! (Score 1) 186

Jesus Christ, that thing's more complicated than the Moon Lander!

And if you get it wrong, it pisses right back at you!

Just be grateful these toilets have a physical interface (finite trial and error procedure gets you the result you want). Would you imagine the pain trying to talk to one of these things (if they had an AI), or using one through a touch interface ?

Well hacking some json receiver into the squirty toilet seat so you can say "Alexa, wash my bottocks" is now going to have to be done.

Comment Re:Share and Enjoy! (Score 2) 186

I don't think I have ever seen a bidet at least not in person, I could easily imagine some mid-westerner getting an unexpected jet of water on a public toilet and having a heart attack.

If you are in a country where a bidet is common, you would find it sitting next to the toilet, so you wouldn't get an ass-squirt induced heart attack without actually getting up and moving over to the bidet, sitting down and turning it on.

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