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Submission + - Can i be dismissed from work for blogging

Technomouse writes: "I live and work in the UK in a call centre enviroment, recently my place of work introduced a "blog" set of rules to the company handbook, i was unaware of this as they did not make it obvious to anyone. I write a livejournal and recently i posted about my work not doing something i thought should happen and i paraphrased a conversation I am now on suspension while they investigate this can i be dismissed for this considering that A) i was completely unaware of the new rules as all they did was a produce a new company handbook and NOT hand it out to everyone B) the new rules are there to prevent "bad press" for the company and my blog was and is very small and i was not portraying the company in an unfairly bad light C) as soon as i was made aware of the rules i deleted those entries"

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