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Comment Re:like driving a car when only the front brakes w (Score 2) 277

Really not a big deal. With weight transfer, the harder you brake, the larger share of the stopping is done by the front wheels anyway.

I disabled the rear brake on my race bike. As did many other racers. Sure, the needs of street vehicles is different, but in most circumstances, front brakes only is adequate.

Comment Re:automatically install firmware updates (Score 1) 278

I suspected they pulled shit like this. I've had it only a month or so, but now I'm even more gratified that I set their router up in bridge mode, and kept my internal routers as they were.

Of course, it helps that my U-Verse service is only for a 'net connection. If y'all have it for TV and/or phone as well, I imagine it gets trickier.

Comment Get a (New) Job (Score 4, Insightful) 275

Speaking from my personal experience (which is my only qualification to speak at all), keeping a steady stream of new and different jobs does the trick. I've been programming professionally for thirty-five years. I've never had a gig that lasted more than three. Some are "permanent", some contracts, some on-site, some remote. Many of them have great promise at the start ("I could retire with this job"), but something always changes. The project is finished, or cancelled, the company goes broke, or sees a major shift in direction, management changes and has different priorities than before. Some times it just doesn't work out.

But the end result is that I'm in no danger of becoming complacent. There's always new stuff to learn, new projects to pursue. I'm still having fun.

Comment Re:bad ide (Score 1) 198

Right, because once Apple switched to the Lightning connector, all those old 30-pin connectors stopped working, and everybody with older phones had to buy new cables. And we all know that Mercedes, Volvo and Ferrari use nothing but industry-standard parts that are compatible with those from all other manufacturers.

Submission + - Porting C# App to a Tablet

Tau Neutrino writes: It looks like I'll have the opportunity to port an existing C# application (PC-based) to a tablet of some sort. I'm a professional developer with many years of experience, know C/C++ quite well, but have not done anything in C#. My client guesses that it would be easiest to port the app to a Windows Tablet, but now I'm wondering if that's so. If there's an easier path (or even equal) on an Android device, I'd prefer it.

Can I make a case for Android?

Comment Not the bug... (Score 5, Informative) 1051

It wasn't really the bug that set Linus off. At least not in my reading of the post. It was Mauro's cavalier attitude toward the bug. He tried to shrug it off as a problem with pulseaudio, when it clearly was a bug that he had introduced.

I'm not a big fan of this style of management, but I can't fault any of the content of Linus' rant.

Comment Doesn't matter (Score 3, Insightful) 350

Whoever you clone, it'll still be twenty years before the clone is an adult. And by then, you'll be old. Or at least older. And different. And likely somebody who would have chosen differently, twenty years earlier.

The question is: who would you duplicate? As in, a fresh copy, indistinguishable from the original. Right now, ready to go, no waiting required.

The mind boggles.

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