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Comment ***** me off (Score 1) 120

I am evaluating a well known security scanning package. Found a bug that would be a showstopper for us and have their engineer escalating to the tech team.

In the meantime, am getting buried in spam from marketing. The last email I sent them was along the lines of "the only thing I want to hear from you is that you've fixed the bug". It is really pissing me off.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 1) 460

That's certainly why this user in the UK left them.

The UK catalogue is pathetic. And as another poster below said, you are half way through the series and it disappears without warning. Seriously, how hard is it to put the "licensed until" date on the main info screen?

This used to be tolerable with a DNS proxy switcher. That was a pain to manage at a network level[1], but the combined catalogue was very watchable.

And you could not download content for watching on the train.

[1] Since one had to NAT and to deal with Google hardcoding shit.

Since that all went south, I cannot be bothered. So these days, I buy or rent stuff I really want from Google Play. The catalgue is excellent, if I buy, it's mine for the forseeable and I can download (with the DRM implications).

The only thing I don't like is rooted android devices do not play nice IME.

So if Google can have a great catalogue, why can't Netflix? Why can't Netflix have a download option? So yes, they deserve to get a kicking from the market.

Comment Re:So a useless 'bot, then? (Score 1) 180 is clear enough to me (though complicated):

To the right:
1) No parking, ever.
2) Standing (Loading in the UK I assume) is permitted outside of Mon-Fri rush hours.

To the left:
1) Parking is only permitted on Sundays between the stated hours;
2) Standing permitted as to the right.

Then again, I'm English and our councils invented signage like this!

Comment Re:Worked for MINI (Score 1) 430

I hate Minis (modern ones) - worst interfaces possible. RPM is in front of me, speedo centre. Momentary action switches, indicator, heating - YUK!!! Not to mention the horrid visbility as the A and B pillars are always in the way, especially the Bs.

I know it's a homage to the original, but by God, I'd rather drive my VW with nice positional big knobs for the heating, signal stalk that stays in position and no stupid button start/stop.

Comment It's a good thing, but it is stressful (Score 1) 358

20+ years ago, if you were rewiring your lights (UK), you'd buy one of these:

Available in white and black (or dark brown) and 4 or 6 terminal versions.

Now, you have those, all manner of cute enclosures, Wago terminals, DIN terminals, Wago DIN terminals.
Waterproof ones, ones with cable clamps, ones that will fit through a downlighter hole...

Some of the products are very nice - and if you are like me, you are always seeking to "make the best choice" - the most robust product, easiest to work with etc.

It's a good thing - but instead of just getting on with it, people like me spend some time reviewing the options, unwilling to choose the least optimal for an installation that might last 40 years.

That's a very specialist area. Now multiply that into every area of your life.

I had a plumber in the other week to fit a couple of bigger radiators. As one has to hang partly on plasterboard (sheetrock), I gave hime some of my favourite fixings:

He's never seen them before - but was hugely impressed. Doing some carpentry? Used to be: "Screws - number 6-14, brass or steel, countersunk, raised head or roundhead.

By god, look at a screw catalogue now - there's a screw for every occasion.

So yes, it can get stressful, if you care and are an "optimiser" like me. OTOH, I don't care what bread I buy - if it's crap, I 'll buy a different loaf next week!

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 159

No one likes calling councils. Phone menus, long waits, many transfers to get the right dept, or just to be told "that road is maintained by the national government as it is an A road, that's a different number..."

In the UK, we have a website/app called FixMyStreet. Councils can pay to use the service to manage reports, but if they don't the app simply emails to their general email so it does have national coverage.

It does seem to work and the app makes it easy to take a photo, geotag, check the geotag is right, add a few words and send the report, all in a couple of minutes whilst walking along. Much more stuff gets reported and more usefully, others know what's been reported, so no need to re-report the same hole in the road.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 423

It is also "fixed" in Cyanogenmod 11 that I have the snapshot release of on my Samsung Note 3. It's called "Privacy Guard and it is configurable per-app (on, off, finegrained). Each requested (in the manifest) priv flag can be granted "Allow", "Deny" or "Ask". It's very seemless - the odd message pops up when it tries to *use* a privilege that is flagged "Ask" and you get to choose.

Many apps do not actually seem to break either, when denied various things they have no business in needing.

And the times I've been asked for "Location", "SMS", "Contacts" by things like photo apps and other things that should be working on nothing more than pure local data is frightening.

Comment Re:Tax dollars at work. (Score 1) 674

Not being a twat is usually helpful in getting out of trouble - but the PSCO was being such a complete and utter moron that I can see why he got upset.

The correct approach, if you wish to resist, is to tell the PCSO that you will cooperate with a real policeman only and challenge her to call the real BTP. Well, he got that far.

The next trick is, despite her being an utter moron, is he should be unfailingly polite to both her and the real BTP whilst disobeying her.

I've known people to do this when they are in the right (but a PSCO has jumped on them) and it usually results in the BTP apologising or at least taking no further action.

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