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Comment Re:Doom... back in the day... (Score 1) 111

Have you ever tried using GTKRadiant? Trying to shape a 3-d object using 3 fixed planes in a 2D editor gets interesting :P Or accidentally resizing an object below zero size, which makes it invisible but doesn't delete it, and then the compilation blows out with a weird error. Not that all the errors aren't rather cryptic...

Also the documentation is terrible, but at least it exists. Thank god for wikis.

Comment Re:Ahh, the good old days... (Score 1) 133

(believe it or not NT supported the equivalent of unix Hard Links and SoftLinks)

Do you have a source for this? I'm only finding symbolic links in XP from googling. And that was only kernel mode; user-mode symlinks debuted in Vista.

NTFS junction points[edit]
Main article: NTFS junction point
The Windows 2000 version of NTFS introduced reparse points, which enabled, among other things, the use of Volume Mount Points and junction points. Junction points are for directories only, and moreover, local directories only; junction points to remote shares are unsupported.[12] The Windows 2000 and XP Resource Kits include a program called linkd to create junction points; a more powerful one named Junction was distributed by Sysinternals' Mark Russinovich.

Not all standard applications support reparse points. Most noticeably, Backup suffers from this problem and will issue an error message 0x80070003[13] when the folders to be backed up contain a reparse point.

Shortcuts, which are supported by the graphical file browsers of some operating systems, may resemble symbolic links but differ in a number of important ways.

Symbolic links to directories or volumes, called junction points and mount points, were introduced with NTFS 3.0 that shipped with Windows 2000. From NTFS 3.1 onwards, symbolic links can be created for any kind of file system object. NTFS 3.1 was introduced together with Windows XP, but the functionality was not made available (through ntfs.sys) to user mode applications. Third-party filter drivers – such as Masatoshi Kimura's opensource senable driver – could however be installed to make the feature available in user mode as well. The ntfs.sys released with Windows Vista made the functionality available to user mode applications by default.

Comment Re:The price of "freedom" (Score 1) 132

in some places a 15 yr old can't consent while in other places a 13 yr old can consent

Not in North America. At a state level, the lowest is 16.
Unless you go to Mexico and further south.

seems arbitrary.

Well, yeah. How else would you do it? Have the jury talk to the victim and decide case-per-case whether they consented? That's a terrible idea.

Comment Re:Doesn't even need to be open source (Score 1) 123

that course was CompSCI101

My university was one of the few in the state system where you borrowed your textbooks from the campus library for the year, so I dodged that bullet. After freshman year it was running joke in the group of Comp Sci people I knew that you never actually had to open your CS textbooks the whole semester, since it was all PowerPoint presentations and programming work anyway, and you could find most anything you were wondering about via a minute or two on Google.

There would still be the occasional course where 2 or 3 times during the semester there was some specific thing about formatting that was easier to find in the textbook than via google-fu, but yeah.

Comment Re:How Long Until M$ deliberately breaks this... (Score 1) 218

The bigger problem is: We won't know which "patch" M$ will 'break' to induce this problem.

I thought we weren't going to be getting individual patches anymore anyway? They're rolled up into weekly or monthly packages now.

A.K.A. riders A.K.A. how the legislature perverts the bill you wants to pass to force you to give them unrelated stuff they want

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