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Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score 1) 172

I think that implying that some people should be subject to eugenics programs because they don't live in the U.S. or Europe is pretty profoundly offensive, yeah. Extra points for giving the First-Worlders tax breaks at the same time.

Calm down: he's saying both "greater" and "lesser" countries would be "subjected to the eugeneics programs" as you so inflammatory put it. Free condoms and tax breaks are both incentives to have fewer kids.

Granted, it would be more egalitarian to apply one or the other or both to both demographics.

Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score 2) 172

If something is going to happen in the far future, i.e., after you're dead, it doesn't matter.

Please be Poe's Law, but this sort of thinking is half the reason we have climate problems (the other half being greed).

"If I can be comfortable, who gives a shit if the entire planet falls apart the day after I die? That's the next generation's problem."


Comment Re:Block It (Score 1) 60

and dogshit slow Internet service

Assuming you can even connect. I had an 8+ hour network outage a week or two back. (For some reason, whenever I get an outage on Time Warner it hardly ever lasts less than 4 hours straight. For awhile it was happening every 3 or 4 weeks.)

That's right, I didn't even get 2 nines this month. (720 - 8) / 720 ~= 98.9% uptime

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