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Comment Re:I'm confused (Score 1) 184

There are supposedly systems where you can set multiple passcodes, and if the wrong one is entered, it will either present an alternate store of data or wipe the device/partition.

TrueCrypt had a kind of similar mode in that you could set up a secret internal volume, where if you mounted the external volume and not the internal one and wrote any data to it that happened to map over the internal one, it would corrupt it.

plausible deniability

Comment Re:Judge fucked up. (Score 1) 184

Next after that - making root access to a personal device illegal.

It isn't already? I had assumed that rooting e.g. an Android device was considered circumvention and unlawful under the DMCA because codecs exist somewhere on the device.

If you mean "any personal device," okay not yet.

Comment Re:Just delete Trump's account (Score 1) 427

He didn't mean that "some" rapists are crossing the border. He meant that generically the Mexicans crossing the border are rapists, but "some" are good people. This is textbook hate speech

"Some" is a very fuzzy quantity--more than "several", less than "most." Some + some = all.

Or for example, "Some U.S. citizens are murderers." Completely true. But pointing that out isn't hate speech because they're in the majority, apparently.

Comment Re:Typical of today's programmer (Score 1) 196

I have 16GB and when clamscan automatically kicked on (Linux anti-virus scan)

Why are you running a virus scanner on Linux?

it ran out of memory and was logging out of memory errors as fast as the hard drive could take it. The same message over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Took me four hours to track it down because all your programs start crashing when they can't write their little temp files and it wasn't using a lot of CPU. I didn't want to restart because I had something open I needed to save.

Ran out of memory, or ran out of storage?

Running out of actual memory is fun, too--the handful of times it's happened to me on Linux, nothing actually crashes; it just stops. I could still switch between different open windows, although the screen started painting. Could still run terminal commands but trying to tab-complete would just spit out a bash error :) Trying to recall from memory how to call up a list of processes and kill them via the terminal (because no memory to open task manager) without autocomplete was fun the first time.

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