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Comment Re:Lets not worry about this yet (Score 4, Interesting) 555

How is it that whenever there is a discussion regarding low UIDs you guys seem to crop up. Is there like a mailing list that people report to that you're all subscribed to for notifications?

Maybe I just don't pay attention to UID except when UID is mentioned.... nah, that's too plain and boring. I'm going with the conspiracy theory.

Comment Re:Popcorn time! (Score 2) 1321

Vote switching complaints are usually with voting machines and can be readily explained by user error and poor user interface design. The machines I used to vote at had a display which had physical buttons along the side to correspond with various options for the measures. I can easily see how someone who isn't paying attention to what they are doing could press one button thinking they were voting one way and end up pressing the button for the wrong option. It would be impossible to audit this user error as the user is going to claim the machine switched their vote because their intent did not match the output they were given. You can't actively monitor users to verify this because doing so would be a violation of voting laws. What you can audit is the machine software and hardware specs to verify how the outcome could be generated.

Comment Re:futurist (Score 1) 522

Jules Verne predicted the submarine almost 100 years before we ever built one - and he got almost all the core technologies it would require right. The way it worked is very much like the real things do - including ballasts, he was so influential in the building of the first real submarine that it was NAMED after the one in his book: the nautilus.

Jules Verne was born in 1828. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was published started in 1869. The Nautilus did its first test dives in 1800.

Comment Re:Or, Gary Johnson may have won it for Trump: (Score 2) 499

There is a dive into party preference for people who supported Johnson and Stein. One thing that was visible from polling data was that including Johnson or Stein on a poll would see Clinton with a narrower margin over Trump. That is suggestive that third party candidates were leeching from Clinton not Trump. I also recall reading on fivethirtyeight, although I can't find it anymore, information that suggested that if Johnson voters had to pick Clinton or Trump they would be split about 48% Clinton and 52%, something very close to even while Green party supporters were closer to 25% Trump and 75% Clinton.

If we used those ratios then the only state where Trump did not secure 50% of the vote (there were seven, of which one was Utah) that would have flipped from Trump to Hillary was Michigan and that state isn't even declared. If Clinton supporters are blaming third party for Clinton's loss then they're idiots.

Comment Re:Remind me (Score 2) 34

Script kiddies didn't do this shit.

Level 3 found it to be a configuration issue this time and it's probably not too dissimilar from the issue reported in early October '16.

Either the summary was poorly written, the source of the problem would be a key info to put in the summary, or the article was updated after the Slashdot thread was created.

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