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Comment Re:Why Such Limited Coverage for Other Parties? (Score 1) 175

The media is going to be in a pinch. Johnson is polling at 12%. If he gets up to 15% they'll have to invite him to the debates. If this was any other year, they could have ignored Johnson at the debates, but Hillary and Trump are both posting negative favorability ratings. If the media is seen as biased against Johnson in favor of Trump/Hillary then that could push more support towards Johnson. If they give him questions then it could and would expose Hillary/Trump's ideas and stances in contrast to Johnson's. The status quo is safe as long as Johnson doesn't poll at 15%, if he does.... well this election is going to get really exciting really quick.

Comment Re:Carl Malmud for head of the printing office! (Score 1) 175

Every Cabinet position, except the Vice President, is also the head of a US department. Snowden only has the knowledge and experience relevant to two of these positions but he lacks the experience to manage an organization of that size. He'd basically have to function like George C. Marshall did as Secretary of State and rely heavily on direct reports to manage the department and take care of most of it. Also, he's not get confirmed anyway.

The statement of suggesting Snowden for a Cabinet position basically betrays Stein's ignorant statement as nothing but pandering for votes.

Comment Re:Oh dear (Score 1) 175

The cabinet of the president consists of the following positions:

Vice President
Secretary of State
Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of Defense
Attorney General
Secretary of the Interior
Secretary of Agriculture
Secretary of Commerce
Secretary of Labor
Secretary of Health and Human Services
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Secretary of Transportation
Secretary of Energy
Secretary of Education
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Secretary of Homeland Security

Each of these positions, except Vice President, is also responsible for managing the department which reports up to them, something Snowden certainly lacks the qualifications to perform. At best, Snowden might have some qualification to serve as the Secretary of Homeland Security but there's still the management level experience that he lacks and he would never receive a confirmation from the Senate anyway.

The only non-confirmation positions that Snowden could be in that are in the Cabinet or are equivalent to Cabinet positions are the Vice President and White House Chief of Staff. Since Ms. Stein hasn't said she would make Snowden her running mate that's out of the picture, and I doubt he has the skills necessary to perform in the role of White House Chief of Staff.

Ms. Stein's statement on putting Snowden on her Cabinet is blatant pandering for votes. Nothing more, nothing less.

Comment Re:Good. (Score 2) 187

The people who were taken hostage incurred a loss. They lost time that they could have been doing other productive things. They were also threatened, as is the very nature of hostage taking. For an action to be a victimless crime, the action would have to only impact yourself.

Comment Re:All hot air? (Score 3, Informative) 95

Evidence about this is best found by looking at the fiasco that was inhaler medication for asthma patients. Albuterol inhalers had long been off patent and were produced by generics companies. With the ban the big pharma companies created a new medication with a different propellant which was granted a patent. That triggered the FDA to revoke the exception for CFC inhalers which forced every asthmatic and COPD sufferer to utilize the more expensive brand name medication rather than cheaper generics which we no longer able to be produced and sold due to the revocation of the exception.

For those that are not aware of what it's like to be asthmatic or suffer from COPD. These medications primary purpose is to reduce the inflammation that occurs in the lungs. This inflammation reduces the airflow into and out of the lungs making it more difficult to breath. The inflammation can occur in degrees from minor discomfort where you're aware of the reduced airflow to severe states where you're barely getting enough airflow to remain conscious. Asthma can and will negatively impact an individual's ability to be active in environments where the irritants that cause inflammation are located. These inhalers are a tremendous boon for patients that allows them to have a more normal lifestyle.

What elimination of the exception did was raise the cost, anywhere from a 25-100% increase, of patients in order to have a normal lifestyle or causes them to reduce their usage of inhalers limiting their ability to have a normal lifestyle. Were these costs worth it for a product that contributed no more than 0.1% of CFC usage?

Comment Re:Not twice as safe I feel (Score 1) 379

It's called a left turn. The US has plenty of divided highways where there are intersections with other public roads. To handle these the highway includes a left turn lane. Some times these intersections with be controlled by stoplights. Other times the intersections will have no control and the left turn can only be conducted when the driver can safely complete the maneuver.

This accident occurred because 1. the truck driver failed to see the Tesla vehicle or misjudged the distance, 2. the Tesla driver failed to see the truck, and 3. the Tesla did not have the capacity to detect the hazard. Any of these failing to be true would have greatly reduced the possibility of an accident.

Had the truck driver started his maneuver a second or two earlier or later the Tesla might have been on a collision course for truck rather than the trailer or the rear wheels of the trailer. The Tesla might have been able to react to either of those situations and if not the driver of the Tesla may have survived with the impact hitting the front of the vehicle rather than the trailer shearing off the top of the car as the rest passed underneath.

Comment Re:The House of Lords (Score 1) 1592

The existence of a second chamber in legislatures around the world is odd objectively - and is entirely a result of our House of Lords. A few states have got rid of the second chamber, or never had it - Israel, New Zealand and Nebraska. A lot of other countries struggle to know what to do with it.

That is almost certainly due to not objectively having a purpose for the second house and instead making it a different populist representative house. Using the US's Senate as an example, if you look through writings from the founding you will readily find out that the purpose of the Senate was to create a legislative body which was not subjected to the populist opinions by make them responsible to the people at large while providing an equal say to each state of the union. The purpose was to allow them to make decisions based on what was best rather than what was popular. This divorce from the populous is the reason why it was also given a lot of the treaty responsibilities and longer terms. That would mean that foreign countries were dealing with legislators that weren't swayed by populist sentiments as well as know that those that dealt with the treaty were more longer lived.

If both houses come about from a direct election by the citizens then you're going to struggle to identify a good purpose for having both houses.

Comment Re:Much more than the past few years (Score 1) 265

HMS Dreadnought : Length 160.6m, Beam 25m, Draught 9m, Displacement 18,120 tons
Arleigh Burke Destroyer : Length 154m, Beam 20m, Draught 9.3m, Displacement 8,315-9,800 tons
Ticonderoga Cruise : Length 173m, Beam 16.8m, Draught 10.2, Displacement 9,600 tons

The littorals a wee bit smaller than those ships but it is amusing to note that our modern destroyers are comparable in size, but not displacement, to pre-WW1 battleships.

Comment Re:How to gain influence... (Score 1) 412

Then they're just a faction of whatever party they allied with.

If they actually want to make an influence they need to be a regional party and focus on specific downticket races where they can snag congressional seats or even a senate seat or governors mansion, even become dominant in a state legislature.

That, I think, is the purpose of Gary Johnson. He's not there to become President and I don't think any Libertarian would suggest that he has a chance of doing so. He's there to put a L at the top of the ticket which in turn can help the Ls at lower levels by getting out the L vote.

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