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Comment Re:Enterprise (Score 2) 203

Only about 24 carriers (Essex class) built during WW2 had a 90+ aircraft capacity. Most of the rest of those had a capacity of 24-36 aircraft and probably displaced around 11,000 tons. The Essex class had a displacement of 27,000 tons. The first supercarrier class was the Forrestal and Kitty Hawk at 60,000 tons followed by the Enterprise at 93,000 tons and the Nimitz and Gerald Ford classes at 100,000 tons displacement. Between Nimitz and Ford and the limit of 12 supercarriers in the navy you're talking a total displacement of 1,200,000. The 24 Essex had a total displacement of 648,000 tons. The remaining 552,000 tons would be equivalent to the displacement of 50 of those light escort carriers.

Comment Re:Obligatory... (Score 1) 203

The odds of it are hilariously low. The first captain of CVN-80 will likely be someone who is currently ranked Commander or Lt Commander.

CVN-80 isn't scheduled for commission until 2027. There is a statutory retirement of 30 years of commissioned service. It requires a minimum of 21 years of commissioned service before you're eligible to be promoted to Captain. It is impossible for Captain James Kirk to still be a commissioned officer in the navy and have the rank of Captain because he would have hit the mandatory retirement no later than 2026.

The slim chance comes from him being promoted to the admiralty at which point if the US Navy thought it might be good press they could give him the Enterprise to command for a small period of time. It would be abnormal as admirals aren't typically given commands of individual ships as they are below their rank and it wouldn't be for a long period of time. Just for the sea trials at best and I wouldn't even expect more than a day or two.

Comment Re:Older people less astute with technology? (Score 1) 52

San Jose is basely higher than the national average but don't forget that a quarter of the city's population is of Mexican descent and San Jose is the city with the largest Vietnamese population outside of Vietnam. There's a lot of lower income families in the city and I think that the infection rate can probably be correlated with any of income (you can download this for free), education, or age as these are all factors that would lead to higher risk of being infected in the first place.

Comment Re:Warrant issued upon probable cause (Score 1) 216

My wife talks to me no matter what. Does that void any presumption of privacy that she has?

Is your wife committing a federal crime or a state crime in one of the minority of states where spousal privilege lies with the witness spouse? Are you currently legally married and not going through divorce proceedings? Were you legally married at the time she talked to you about a crime? Is the crime against you?

Comment Re:downloaded but still region locked (Score 1) 62

Let me give you the use cases. I'm currently watching Breaking Bad and started it just before Christmas.

1. I flew to San Jose for Christmas which I had roughly 6-7 hours of total flight time each way. I watched the show while on the flight.
2. While on my lunch at work I will watch the show and out of respect for my company I wouldn't eat up bandwidth unnecessarily by streaming the show over their network connection.
3. When I go out to eat a restaurant I do so by myself so I can take the tablet with me and be able to watch the show while I eat.

Basically, every use case under which I had taken books with me to read has now been supplemented by having a tablet with TV shows or movies from Netflix.

Comment Re: sucks but as of now someones gotta do it (Score 2) 305

This would be an incorrect statement and you're basing it on a bill Pence signed into law.

This bill reclassified various criminal offenses, including "providing false information to a clerk of the circuit court" from a Class D to Level 6 felony. It didn't create any new crimes or make the crime in question any harsher.

The "crime" of applying for marriage licenses came about from the fact that the online method of applying for marriage licenses did not permit you to select male-male or female-female as a combination as the website was created in accordance with the Indiana law that made marriage between people of the same gender illegal. Thus you had to select one spouse as male and one as female. No one has ever been jailed or even prosecuted for doing such a thing so that claim falls short as well. This crime is not specific to homosexual couples as it is with regard to giving the court false information. A couple that submitted the male spouse as female and the female spouse as male would also be equally guilty of the crime. Perhaps the more damning point against your claim that "A bigot who once made it a criminal offense for gays to apply for marriage licenses" is that homosexual couples could still apply for marriage licenses without breaking the law in question by using the paper form and crossing out the male or female section and writing in the appropriate gender.

But hey, whatever, thanks for perpetuating a falsehood to push your own narrative and belief.

Comment Re:Free Motorcycles (Score 1) 295

It depends a lot on your accounting. A 20-year-old dumbass male might expect to have around 60 years ahead of him, most of which will be time spent in good health.

From an accounting perspective I would not credit the dumbass male any post retirement years (assume 67+) which are primarily consumptive years rather than productive and I would assume that organs would be targeted towards people who are in the age range of 16-50 (16-45 in the case of liver) to maximize the productive life of the organ transplanted. A 20 year old dumbass male would thus have lost about 46 productive years. In turn you get two kidneys (10 yrs each), 1 heart (10 yrs), 1 liver (20 yrs), lungs (5 yrs each) for a total benefit of 60 years of organ life bringing us to a net +14 years and we haven't even accounted for the rarer pancreas, or small intestine transplants. Then there's the whole topic of tissue transplants with heart valves, skin, corneas, bone, tendons, and other tissues.

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