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Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

I read the article and that's not what it said.

Roughly 90 percent of the personal vehicles on the road daily could be replaced by a low-cost electric vehicle available on the market today, even if the cars can only charge overnight

The team spent four years on the project, which included developing a way of integrating two huge datasets: one highly detailed set of second-by-second driving behavior based on GPS data, and another broader, more comprehensive set of national data based on travel surveys. Together, the two datasets encompass millions of trips made by drivers all around the country.

But the team found that the vast majority of cars on the road consume no more energy in a day than the battery energy capacity in affordable EVs available today. These numbers represent a scenario in which people would do most of their recharging overnight at home, or during the day at work, so for such trips the lack of infrastructure was not really a concern.

They determined the energy requirements for the trips that are made and looked at the energy available from a full battery on the EV. They found that 90% of trips are within the full range capacity of an EV that charges once a day at home or at work. They didn't look at charging infrastructure penetration. This study is a good thing because it shows that EVs have most of the capability that is needed. This information could motivate manufacturers to bring down the cost on EVs to increase market penetration of the vehicle type which in turn would help drive more locations to install better charging infrastructure. There is no way I can out there and take 90% of vehicles and replace them with EVs.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

I'm curious. What state do you live in? The pictures I hear people talking about electric vehicles does not seem to match what I see on a day to day basis around where I live. For example, the nearest supercharger station would require me to drive at least an hour to which means I'm burning 120+ miles of the charge just to charge it and expending practically 2.5hr to do so. I don't see charging stations at Walmarts or stores like that. They're certainly not available at most work places around here. As far as I can tell for where I live an electric vehicle is a luxury item for those who have the benefit of owning a garage, something I don't own. I don't know the percentage split between home and apartment dwellers but I'd assume that apartment dwellers don't account for just 10% of the population in this area.

Based on the numbers I've seen people tossing about in comments on this article it doesn't sound like an EV is a time savings to me. I get around 450 miles from my vehicle every time I fill up and that's about 5-7 minute total task. Comparatively, the Tesla Model S gets 265 miles and people are saying it takes 20 minutes at a supercharger station. Since I don't have the luxury of owning a garage where I can charge and my workplace doesn't feature charging stations it I don't get the benefit of plugging it in and walking away to do something else. So unless that charging station is somewhere where I can make a 20 minute errand it's just as much a waste of time as refueling gas. I get 64 miles for every minute I spend refueling my gas car. I get 13 minutes for every minute spent recharging a Model S at a supercharger station.

I would like to have an EV and it has enough miles to do what I would need for it but the infrastructure is simply not there in my area unless you're a home owner.

Comment Re:A better idea (Score 1) 407

They're not paying attention to what Marvel is doing. It's the Marvel Cinematic Universe that makes Marvel work. I'm not surprised that Suicide Squad falls flat. They have interesting characters but you simple do not have enough time with 120m film to introduce six or so characters and give them development. Contrast that against Avengers where all characters, even the villain, in the ensemble cast have some sort of introduction and character development prior to the film. MCU is trying to build a cohesive universe for all the films to exist in and all the Marvel Studios films and shows are attempting to restrain themselves to the MCU. When you step outside of the MCU to the other studios, you see that they don't abide by the MCU and the films can be a lot more hit and miss (Spidermans, the X-Men, Fantastic Four). This is what makes Deadpool... interesting. It appears to be abiding by the MCU even though it's not produced by Marvel Studios. The final scenes of the move take place on what is obviously a crashed helicarrier and could readily be assumed to be one of the ones from Winter Soldier. Spiderman will be another interesting case to watch. The rights remain with Sony and Sony gets the profits from solo Spiderman movies produced while Marvel gets to use Spiderman in the MCU and keep the profits from the MCU.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 264

I'm damned if I can explain the status quo. Feels like americans are just stupid, en masse?


There's no question that this election features the two most unliked candidates. This should be an election where 3rd parties make significant inroads. On both sides they're using the retiring or passing justices as a bludgeon of fear to beat voters to fall in line and vote for the party because, "They can't let Trump/Hillary nominate that many justices".

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 331

The main thing people like Cameron seem to be pushing with theaters is the social aspect. I'm sorry, I don't buy it. Who actually talks to or meets new people at a theater? Any socialization is between people who are already friends; if I have some friends that want to watch a movie, we can all meet up at someone's house instead (and then they can even spend the night...). I have no desire to socialize with random strangers in a theater, and in fact, this just isn't normal anyway. "Sharing the experience" is worthless to me. I'd rather share the experience with some friends at home. And I suspect I'm not unusual in this regard.

His comment makes more sense if you compare the theater experience he's talking about to the experience one might have if you attend a live theater production. There is the pre-show, intermission, and post-show social encounters. Yes, some people go just to see the show but a lot of people who attend shows want to talk with other lovers of plays and musicals. There's also the social interaction during the performance itself, even if it's limited to the applause and vocal laughter at various scenes. You do get that sort of experience with movies if you go to the right kind of theater but the movie isn't the focus unless it's part of an event like a premier showing where you have the cast and crew and other celebrities.

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 623

I don't know why the truck driver's part is ignored so much. Well, I know, really, it's because that's so boring that it's not news.

People have this dumb assumption that because a truck driver drives for a living that the truck driver is a better driver and less likely to have done anything at fault.

Comment Re:Show of hands (Score 2) 133

Exactly. No one cares. Even fewer are going to give a sh*t about some other lame ass color coded scheme.

Your comment is the exact reason why they shouldn't have brought up the Homeland Security Advisory System. While the colors are the same the systems themselves are completely different. This system is an incident response system. It's like the International Nuclear Event Scale. It's a post-event system. There would never, and should never, be an ambient "color level" for this system.

The HSAS is not a post-event system. It's a system that is intended to convey the ambient risk and possibility of a terrorist event occurring. It's like the DEFCON system except with a different scope of antagonists to keep tabs on. It's dumb that HSAS uses colors but it does serve its usefulness to convey a basic understanding to groups of individuals that would be responsible to taking proactive steps to protect against or mitigate the risk of a potential terror attack. The general population does not need to be aware of it.

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