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Submission + - NOISE NOT WELCOME 1

David Muir Sharnoff writes: I reloaded /. today and it started playing an ad at me. Not cool. I like /. a lot but not enough to put up with unwanted audio.

Submission + - Anatomy Of The 1,000 MPH Bloodhound SSC

cartechboy writes: The laws of physics are pretty clear: speed is relative. To a snail, human walking pace is incomprehensible, yet compared to the speed at which light travels, everything in the universe is standing still. To us mere humans, 1,000 mph is pretty fast. It's even faster along the surface of the planet, which is what the Bloodhound SSC land speed record team aims to achieve next summer. Using both a jet engine and a rocket, the 1,000 mph target seems within reach. A new video has been released detailing the anatomy of the record attempt including the start and stop points which are twelve miles apart. The entire run is lined with rocks which isn't very comforting, but the Bloodhound SSC does have the world's strongest brakes, parachute, and air-brakes. Still, aiming your 1,000 mph car at a bed of rocks is still risky business. We'll find out how it all pans out next summer when the record attempt run takes place.

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