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Submission + - Jobs that require technological skills - 77% in 10 years (

Taco Cowboy writes: The world we live in is changing rapidly, as we speak.

A few years ago, the author of TFA had to have the headlights on his car repaired. Knowing how easy it was to change a light bulb in his previous cars, the author first tried to do it himself, only to realized that he needed a trained professional

When the author showed up at a local repair shop for assistance, the car mechanic took a quick look and immediately informed that he was not able to help.

The car was really nothing fancy, but it is a late generation model

The mechanic explained that the car has “smart lights” that anticipate the flow of the road ahead and he did not have the software necessary to calibrate the car’s headlights.

When enquired about the mechanic's approach to hiring and training, he confirmed that knowledge of computers and software are absolutely a must-have for his employees today.

In fact, research done by International Data Corporation ( ) predicts that the percentage of all jobs requiring some technology skills will grow from 50% today to 77% in the next decade.

In fact, they estimate that 60% of the jobs that will exist in 10 years do not even exist today.

How is this applied to the IT professionals involving in hardware designing / software programming field ?

On another blog (,1-268.html ) the author believes that learning how to learn, and keeping your learning skills sharp and pointy, is the best hope for ongoing employment, career growth and advancement.

In addition to keeping up with day-to-day responsibilities and deliverables, we need to start including research and learning as part and parcel of our regular working behaviors.

The author claims that anything less–such as attempting to stay in one’s comfort zones or sticking to tried and true or routine systems and software–risks being left behind the ever sweeping wave of innovation and technology.

Therefore, I wish to ask all Slashdot readers, how prepared are you to face the future?


Submission + - Windows-on-Arms tablets are not competitive (

Taco Cowboy writes: The WoA (Windows on Arm) tablets may doomed to fail due to the cost of Windows 8

The BOM (Bill of Material) costs for WoA tablets, are U$300-350 for 10" version and U$150-200 for 7* version, and they can't go any lower because of the additional US$90-100 fee for Windows 8

The average price of tablet PCs has been dropping rapidly since the launch of Amazon's Kindle Fire. But PC brand vendors, who are used to price wars, are nevertheless struggling to compete, because unlike Amazon, they do not see additional revenues from post-purchase content sales.


Submission + - Ask Slashdot:What's the status on DX 11 for Linux? (

Taco Cowboy writes: Since the last report a little shy of 6 months ago (Sept 21st, 2010 to be exact) — please read the Slashdot coverage @ — there is no update on the status on DX 11 for Linux.

Even the commit ( see ) was dated Sept 2010.

Can anyone share with us some heads up on the development, please?

Thank you !

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