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Submission + - Lightest Material Ever Made - with super absorbance ability (

Taco Cowboy writes: It has a weight of just 0.16 miligrams per cubic centimeter, one sixth that of air

It is reportedly able to absorb more than 250 times its own weight of oil (some reports say that up to 900 times)

The main ingredient is Graphene

Due to its super-absorbance characteristics, — absorbing up 68.8 grams of oil per second with 1 gram of carbon aerogel, — this "Carbon Aerogel", as it is known, may be deployed to cleaning up oil spills

Info is also available at


Submission + - Super efficient LED that reaches 90% luminous efficiency ( 5

Taco Cowboy writes: LED lighting are generally considered as efficient, but typical LEDs on the market today only have internal quantum efficiency of 30-40%.

Meaning: For every watt of power pumped into the LED, only 30%-40% turns into light, while the rest (60%-70%) becomes heat.

And because of that, LED light manufacturers had to attach all kinds of heat sink to draw away all those excess heat.

A new LED material has been found to transform 90% of the power that it received into light.

NGK Insulators Ltd developed what it claims is a gallium nitride (GaN) wafer capable of doubling the luminous efficiency of LED light source.

The new GaN wafer can realize twice as high a luminous efficiency as existing LED light sources (200lm/W). And it can reduce power consumption by 50%, and in the meantime, extend the product life of the LED device, by reducing heat generation and reduce the sizes of lighting apparatuses, the company said.

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