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Submission + - Acer's founder calling Microsoft bluff (

Taco Cowboy writes: Microsoft's announcement of "Surface", its own branded tablet computer running Windows 8 has roughed some feathers among the tech supply chain in Taiwan.

The founder of Acer, Mr. Stan Shih, commenting on the "Surface", is calling Microsoft bluff

According to Shih, Microsoft has no reason to sell hardware because such sales bring much less profit than licensing its software products

In addition, Microsoft will also have to face with the many difficulties marketing tablet PCs on its own, including production management, distribution, and after-sales maintenance service

BTW, two other stories had already appeared on Slashdot regarding Microsoft's own branded tablet — "Surface" — since its announcement:


Submission + - Windows-on-Arms tablets are not competitive (

Taco Cowboy writes: The WoA (Windows on Arm) tablets may doomed to fail due to the cost of Windows 8

The BOM (Bill of Material) costs for WoA tablets, are U$300-350 for 10" version and U$150-200 for 7* version, and they can't go any lower because of the additional US$90-100 fee for Windows 8

The average price of tablet PCs has been dropping rapidly since the launch of Amazon's Kindle Fire. But PC brand vendors, who are used to price wars, are nevertheless struggling to compete, because unlike Amazon, they do not see additional revenues from post-purchase content sales.

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