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Submission + - US high tech unemployment stubbornly high, @ over 4% (

Taco Cowboy writes: The overall unemployment figure in US stays at 8.2, while the unemployment figure for (relatively) high tech sector seem to be rosy, at above 4%, nevertheless it's stubborn high, given the fact that the output of United States' high tech sector continuously leads those from other countries around the world

The main point is that the American engineers are losing ground in terms of competitiveness.

Asia is rising in more than one aspect. Asian's engineers have gotten themselves as skillful as those of the United States of America, but yet, they readily accept pay that is half of what their American counterparts are receiving


Submission + - Quantum Computer Inside a Diamond (

Taco Cowboy writes: De Beers' ad slogan "A diamond is forever" may need some upgrading for someone has created a quantum computer inside a diamond

A team that includes scientists from USC has built a quantum computer in a diamond, in order to protect it against "decoherence" — noise that prevents the computer from functioning properly

The team's diamond quantum computer system featured two quantum bits (called "qubits"), made of subatomic particles

Like all diamonds, the diamond used by the researchers has impurities — things other than carbon. The more impurities in a diamond, the less attractive it is as a piece of jewelry, because it makes the crystal appear cloudy. The team, however, utilized the impurities themselves.

A rogue nitrogen nucleus became the first qubit. In a second flaw sat an electron, which became the second qubit. To put it more accurately, the "spin" of each of these subatomic particles was used as the qubit.

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