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The Courts

Submission + - IFPI Seizes 2,339 Computers in Brazil ( 2

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "The IFPI reports that they have seized 2,339 computers and made one arrest in their raids on 335 Brazilian internet cafes. Working in conjunction with the Associacao Anti-pirateria de Cinema e Musica (APCM) and more than 600 Special Ops police, they are trying to stem the tide in a country where they allege that 20% of the people are pirates and half the CDs and DVDs are bootleg copies. If true, Rock Braziliano would be proud."

Submission + - pugoob Image search tool (

bitlooter writes: "Pugoob is an image search tool. You submit an image and pugoob can locate other occurences of that image on the web. You can crop part of an image and pugoob can find other images that have the part you cropped. It is a model search tool. In other words, it sees one image as a scene and tries to locate the second image (as a model) within the scene. It is based on work done 15 years ago and works remarkably well. Of course the down side is that it is computationally intensive. A running version and the entire source code (Actually the whole Amazon Machine Image) can be found here :"

Submission + - Asus Says Eee PC is their Most Successful Product (

zephyrcat writes: "Although the big news from the joint Asus, Intel, Sprint announcement is new Eee PCs, Asus also talked about the huge success of the current model of Eee PC, an ultra-mobile computer designed to do basic web surfing and e-mail activities, saying that the Eee PC is their most successful product ever. That means a lot coming from such a huge company. Although ultra-mobile PCs have not been very popular in the past, it looks like Asus may have finally done one right."

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