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Journal Journal: Time to PAUSE, and DFS Progress (of sorts)

I got a PAUSE account!

As of today I am "TTKCIAR" at, a full-fledged member of the open source perl community, and capable of contributing software to CPAN, the central repository of perl modules, for others to download and use! Exciting day!

I have a bunch of code to contribute too .. but there's one problem: most of it totally falls short of PAUSE's standards for contributed code.

Comment Re:PC on a chip (Score 1) 401

This isn't precisely a pc on a chip (the core is MIPS-based), but Microchip's PIC32 offerings gives you a fully 32-bit processor with integrated RAM, ROM, and some peripherals for about $5 per unit. Perhaps not useful if you need x86, but plenty useful if you just want to compile and run ANSI-C applications (GCC has an appropriate MIPS target).


Submission + - Giant browseable webcam database -- watching you?

Wary WeatherMan writes: This weather mashup site has apparently compiled an enormous database of webcams, and allows you to browse them via Google maps. Even though they are "public," could this ease of access lead to privacy issues? I can spy around Manhattan, Las Vegas, or even London. What happens when every beach and middle school is viewable in realtime from 1 billion+ web users?

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