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Comment Don't upgrade windows, ever! (Score 1) 770

With all the build-up of useless registry files, .DLL's and a plethora of other problems, especially with Vista, I don't know why anyone would UPGRADE to windows 7. It has always been recommended to FORMAT and clean install! I think it's ridiculous that Microsoft even sells upgrade disks. Upgrading is not really more convenient if it causes more problems in the long run. Everyone should know that for the best stability and performance, just do a clean install. I understand that they sell upgrade disks because they believe the people who already purchased earlier versions should pay less for their license, but upgrading an OS is stupidity. If money is the issue, there are many ways around that to get a licensed copy of 7 legally. This article mentions something about student upgrades? Students can get MSDN accounts through academic alliance. I don't see what the problem is. I have never and never will upgrade a Windows platform. Take the extra time to backup your stuff, and JUST CLEAN INSTALL IT!

Comment Re:I'm sure it didn't help. (Score 1) 1040

There's no such thing as "worthless security procedures" in a country that is currently at war and a country that has had the most deadly terrorist attack in the history of the world. The UK has backed the US in the war against terror, and it's of no surprise that it also has STRONG (not useless) border protection. I can't believe people are complaining about the things that make us safe. It may be very well that this is very well the reason why Chicago did not get the Olympic bid, but I don't think the US is in the position right now to host the Olympic games anyhow.

Let Brazil host them, I'm all for a new continent, and I think that's the main reason why Rio got the bid in the first place.

Comment Funny that you mentioned (Score 4, Interesting) 193

When I woke up this morning and looked at the calendar, the first thing that came to mind was flashbacks of buying my Dreamcast on 9/9/99 at Sears. I still have it and it's box, close to new condition, along with 4 controllers and a plethora of games and accessories (4 VMU's, Tremor packs, keyboard, mouse, I even had the BROADBAND adapter aka a NIC). Dreamcast is probably my favorite system of all time. Favorite games: 1) Skies of Arcadia (one of the best RPG I have ever played) 2) Shenmue 3) Soul Caliber Sonic Adventure, Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star Online, and many many others were great as well. People don't realize how revolutionary Dreamcast (and SEGA) was and how much it influenced the other future consoles. Look at Saturn, the first console to support internet-based play. I stil have my 28.8k NetLink modem. Dreamcast pushed online gaming even further by supporting 56k and having an optional LAN card. Games like PSO set a benchmark for many other MMORPGS like WoW. Although SEGA failed at marketing and spent way too much time trying to improve one of my other favorite systems, the Genesis ( with the 32x and SEGA CD), they were still on the cutting edge of console technology, and set an example that many future consoles and games followed.

Comment This is ridiculous (Score 1) 571

Although laptop purchases are popular with college entry, some students at my school choose to bring their Desktops from home. I for one cannot stand using a congested, underpowered laptop. Here at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in MA, there are many computer labs and they are always full. Why? Because a lot of students like the option of using a desktop computer over a laptop. Also, if I have my desktop set up off-campus, it's nice to have an option to use computers while on-campus. Additionally, the school maintains expensive software that would otherwise be difficult to acquire and maintain on a personal computer, such as National Instrument software like Multisim, PSPICE, CAD (AutoCAD, SolidWorks,PRO-E), Adobe CS, MATLAB, Maple, Mathcad, Mathematica, and a plethora of other educational engineering software. I don't know about non-technical schools, but here at a tech school, PC labs are running strong and will continue that way for years to come.

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