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Comment Re:Of course, there is another solution (Score 1) 721

AFAIK the historical correctness of the bible is, at least, questionable. I agree most of the stories will be allegorical, and I can agree with the general tendency (love thy neighbor, do not kill etc.).
But the bible is no proof of someone standing up from death or anything like it. It tells the / a story at most, and saying this book is the best that is left of the 2000 year old literature does not make it proof either.
If for some reason at 2000 year from now the only book left would be the story of Hans and Gretel (or whatever they are called in your country), it would not be proof of the existence of houses built of gingerbread.

Comment If you understand where god came from then.... (Score 1) 721

all is well...

From less than nothing at all there became an awareness of this and at that splitting instance consciousness and existence came to be. Both of which either exist or they don't, no in between. But what exist in consciousness and what exist in existence are variables/changing. Now if you are all that is, how do you know you will continue being? Expansion of what exist in both existence and consciousness and at some point in creation, to create life in order to experience more and to create more. Experience more as from within seeing things in part, not whole and likewise creating things with limited knowledge. When you die you go back to the whole to file your report as you are again made aware of the whole and eventually re-enter a part for additional recording to later report. But still, without existence, there can be no consciousness or place to know existence and what it contains. So the purpose of your life and the lives of other creatures and higher intelligent life is the same as it is for what some call god. SURVIVAL and as such we are all given the religion of "Survival" built-in.
There is not one religion that will counter this, as a house fighting against its foundation, will fall.
So what do you do, what is your purpose? To help provide insurance for survival....
Different forms of life have different perception and abilities and as such its a direction of helping to insure survival.
So where is the problem with so called alien life?
In the big picture, aliens don't really exist, only being different for survival insurance.
Intelligence and ability to contribute to expansion is graded on how well a life form understands self destruction is anti-expansion and not helpful.

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