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Comment Re:Similarly (Score 1) 389

Eh? I've never had the Apple Store ask me for my password. What they've asked me is if I have my data backed up (Answer is always yes... to three different places, actually.); because when they depot your computer they run a full diagnostic and anything is even a little bit out of spec they pull and replace the component. So you're very likely to get it back with a fresh HD imaged back to the default OS version that shipped with it.

Comment Re:They are full of shit (Score 2) 389

There's being politely greeted.

And then there's having some pushy twat try to up-sell you to a $149.99 gold-plated HDMI cable, a $39 extended warranty and service plan to go with it, and a $99 installation service to have Geek Squad come to your house and plug it into your TV; when you're already annoyed that you're (over)paying Best Buy $40 for an HDMI cable because you need it on short notice and can't wait for the $10 one to arrive from Amazon.

Comment Re: Good Riddance (Score 1) 207

Or, worse, they mutate nearly invisibly when you copy out of Confluence, Google Docs, or any Microsoft product; and paste them into Sublime Text or, gods forbid, the command line; in order to make use of the documentation that your tech writer has proofed and decided to "improve" in order to make it look "professional".

Not just good riddance. But curly quotes, em-dashes, and all that other "smart" or "pretty" formatting garbage makes me want to find the Unicode monkeys who inflicted it on us and hit them repeatedly with a stick.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 92

Haven't you heard? Travis Kalanick and Donald Trump are buds now. Kalanick signed went all-in and even kissed enough jaundiced ass to score himself an appointment to Trump's unofficial (And nicely exempt from Senate confirmation.) "Strategic and Policy Forum" shadow cabinet. Any DoT policies that inconvenience Uber ought to be gone in a year; along with federal highway funds for any state that doesn't play along.

Comment Re:Ah, I was wondering when it would begin (Score 1, Informative) 183

Eh? If you don't see the parallels between Trump and the rise of fascism, you're being willfully obtuse.

Alliance with white/aryan supremacist groups? Check.
Elevation of the above to prominent public positions? Check.
Demonizing entire ethnicities and religions to give the masses an enemy to hate? Check.
Violent thugs running around and violently attacking opponents? Check.
Proposals to round up undesirables and put them into camps? Check.
Promotion of xenophobia, also to give the masses an enemy to hate? Check.
A propaganda machine using the "big lie" method? Check.
Promises to "make $country great again" with no specifics besides the claim that dear leader is the only one who can do so? Check.

Trump may not literally be Hitler. But he's using more than a few of Adolf's techniques to gain and secure his base of power. Honestly, I hope you're right and it *IS* all overblown. But enough of the parallels are there to be very worrisome. And if anything even remotely resembling a Reichstag fire type incident takes place once he is in office... I guess the question becomes poutine or Vegemite.

Comment Re: Ah, I was wondering when it would begin (Score 1) 183

I should think not. Neither the xBox or PS4 are the new hotness this year. And there are no real breakout games this winter. Sony and Microsoft have years of sales data, with which they most certainly have a fairly good projection of how many consoles have sold this year. That's a predictable burst of load for which any competent operations team will plan and spin up sufficient additional capacity to handle. Hell, Microsoft even has their own cloud computing service with which to do so.

It's the unpredictable... who and when will the 4chan crowd decide to DDOS this time... that throws in the monkey wrench.

Comment Re:The Great War (Score 1) 106

Unless one or the other succeeds with a decapitation first strike, the US and Russia going to war means the destruction of both. If Russia is destroyed, where would China buy the military technology to use to conquer the rest of the world? If the US is destroyed, where would they get the cash to buy said technology if they did find an alternate source? Global economies are so throughly integrated these days, and nuclear weapons make a decisive WW2-esque victory impossible, that a conflict of World War scale is going to leave the rest of the world hurting pretty bad too.

Also, wouldn't quite a lot of fallout from Russia land in China? That would not be, as they say, a good thing.

Comment Re:Price Biggest Factor For Me (Score 2) 221

The $10 isn't the problem. I'd rather pay a fair price upfront then get a game for "free" and be mired in the micro transaction swamp. And divided out by the value of my time, I've already gotten more than my money's worth in entertainment from it. But the requirement to be always online, despite it being a single-player game and having no content that should require that connection, is fairly... irksome. I missed the news about that problem somehow, so it was a fairly unpleasant surprise.

Right there, that knocks it down to a three-star app. It's so stupid and unnecessary. Piracy? Seriously? How many people actually bother to jailbreak their iPhones anymore? I haven't since my 4. Without a jailbreak, I'm not aware of any way to side-load apps without a developer's signing key. And if you abuse those, Apple stomps you down hard.

And if it ever does throw a micro transaction at me? That'll be the impetus to go back and one-star it. That's a hard rule I have for rating in the AppStore in general. Like I said, I'd rather pay a fair price once and upfront than get pestered for dollars here and there to keep the game/app playable or usable. So, if after I HAVE paid you upfront, and you come back and ask me to pay more to unlock features or levels, or for extra on-game currency, or for whatever... instant one-star without sympathy, mercy, or regret.

Comment Re:It might be an issue in the future (Score 1) 304

My guess would be that Tesla plans to go on doing the R&D *stay* ahead of everyone else in the industry on the batteries and charging side. So the "Superchargers" 10 years from now will be juicing up a p300d Model S++ in 10 minutes, vs the competition charging their 100kWh batteries in the 30 minutes that the Superchargers do for Teslas today.

Comment Re:It might be an issue in the future (Score 2) 304

They used to encourage exactly that. In fact, if you pop over to and pull up the superchargers map, the listings do still include the businesses that you are encouraged to patronize while supercharging. And that includes everything from the Starbucks for the free wifi, to the Harris Ranch Steakhouse, if a 24 ounce RibEye is more your thing.

So, this move is more interesting because it marks a reversal from Tesla's original messaging. And one has to wonder why the change and what elst is in the pipeline?

Comment Re:AKA (Score 1) 304

The superchargers are already located and spaced in a manner to allow exactly what you described. Their website listings for the superchargers still even have listings for restaurants, coffee shops, and the like, in the vicinity of the superchargers. They're there to solve the "road trip" problem with electric cars; no to be anyone's everyday charging solution though.

This is an interesting move, because it's a reversal of Tesla's original messaging wrt/ the superchargers. The idea very much was, and was communicated as such, that supercharging was supposed to be a somewhat leisurely affair. You stop, plug in, go to the bathroom, stretch your legs, have lunch (At the Harris Ranch supercharger), and maybe get some shopping in (At the Gilroy Outlets shopping center supercharger.), and THEN you go back to the supercharger for the rest of the trip to SoCal.

Comment Re:Slashdot is killing itself (Score 2) 244

Well, alternatively they could lawyer up. When the Nixon administration went on the attack against IBM, Big Blue retained a cadre of lawyers that have since become colloquially nicknamed "The Nazgul"... the implications of facing them being obvious. IBM fought the government to a standstill, fended it off for 13 years, and eventually broke the government's resolve and saw the case dropped.

13 years is a long time. Barring SCOTUS catastrophe, Trump will be gone and consigned to the ash heap of history in 8. (Oh good lords of Kobol, keep yourself in good health, Sandra Day O'Connor!) If the democrats work out a way to neutralize, or at least marginalize, the "making America white again" crowd, and grow enough of a pair to fight back as dirty as the republicans have been for the last 16 years, he could be gone in 4. And while Tesla hasn't crushed Detroit yet and doesn't have similar resources; Apple and Google each have more money individually to spend on lawyers now than IBM did in 1969. They'd just have to find the courage to fight, rather than appease.

Comment Re:Very disappointing. (Score 2) 244

So, in other words, your posit is that trump is blackmailing Musk: "Say, that's a nice rocket launching business you have there. It'd be a shame if anything bad were to happen to it, wouldn't it?" So... aside from the face that you seem to believe that trump is in some way deserving of an ass-kissing in a slashdot post he will certainly never see, that's exactly my own point.

Comment Re:Slashdot is killing itself (Score 1, Interesting) 244

> This article is another example of this: it's a forum for
> people to wail about how awful Trump will be, because
> they can see the future with perfect clarity.

One doesn't need to be precognisant to know how awful the future will be under drumpf's reign. He's already told us his beliefs and intentions... repeatedly over nearly two years... and he has a rubber-stamp congress in his pocket. The Supreme Court could theoretically put a brake on things. But it is currently crippled, and he is a single retirement or death away from having a rubber stamp there as well; and ruling as a dictator, in fact if not in name. So why should I believe for a second that any of the awful things he's announced his intention to do will not come to pass?

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