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Submission + - SPAM: Why you should kill some features on your web/mobile app

headhuntable writes: "With many first time entrepreneurs we usually see that they bite off more that they can chew. They come with their programming requirements and present a laundry list of requirements for this project. This is a bad idea and very costly for your development budget and startup as a whole.

Every startup begins with a core idea, usually that core idea is a solution to a problem thats happening. Think back to your core idea, what are the core features that you need to make this idea happen? For example, on Headhuntable the core idea was that tech recruiting needs to change, developers should be able to recruit other developers for jobs; thats why we created the recommendation system so that developers can recommend each other. Once you realize what the core features are that you need to build then present this list to your developer and get cracking. Otherwise if you keep your laundry list of features here are a few things that can happen to you."

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Submission + - Game publisher following pirates to find a market (wsj.com)

RossR writes: A Chinese multiplayer online game company is taking note of the success of "private servers" running pirated and altered versions. In moves that show some common sense, when a pirate server is taken down Shanda Games sees it as sign of a undeserved market. Properly licensed servers are occasionally installed for the geographic location previously served by the unlicensed servers. Shanda is taking it a step further by developing a new platform that would allow for the flexible rule changes favored in the hacked versions. Also of interest, is the reference to escalation cyber attacks between private server providers.

If nimble game companies like these learn to market directly to the west, the current dominate players will be in trouble. As is starting to happen in the cell phone market.


Submission + - Microsoft Continues To Bleed Mobile Market Share (hothardware.com) 1

MojoKid writes: "Windows Phone 7 was supposed to reverse Microsoft's declining market share, prove that the company was capable of designing a product that could stand against the best Android and Apple had to offer, re-establishing the company as a major player in the smartphone space. Despite generally positive reviews, WP7 has failed to improve Redmond's mobile fortunes; the company's share of the mobile market fell significantly in Q2 2011. The latest comScore data indicates that the total US smartphone market grew eight percent in the second quarter for a total of 78.5M smartphone owners. Despite this, Microsoft's piece of the pie shrank by nearly 23 percent."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Build your own camera, launch it like a grenade (techworld.com.au)

angry tapir writes: "Meet the Firefly. Israeli defense contractor Rafael Armament Development Authority calls it a "revolutionary concept in tactical intelligence," but really it's a wireless camera that's shot 500 feet in the air by a grenade launcher. And if a couple of hackers at the Defcon hacking convention get their way, soon anyone will be able to buy this type of military grade technology for only US$500."

Submission + - Are Anonymous Members Coming from Security Pros? (threatpost.com)

Trailrunner7 writes: With alleged Anonymous leadership such as Sabu and opponents such as th3j35t3r tweeting about their supposed shenanigans in Las Vegas, the question on everyone's mind this week is whether Anonymous is truly walking the halls of this week's Black Hat and DEFCON hacker conferences. Some believe the answer to that question is almost certainly 'yes' but not for the reasons you might think.

The mindlessness of using regulatory compliance as a information security ceiling hurts both the ego and sense of professional responsibility of practitioners. One might even go so far as to posit that some could choose to go the Anonymous route as a way to take matters into their own hands.

Mind you, that’s not suggesting that otherwise law-abiding IT professionals are going to be loading up the Low Orbit Ion Canon DDoS tool on their corporate laptops anytime soon — there’s an ethical responsibility in taking on a job like this. But could insiders "participate" by anonymously sharing their knowledge of where the “bodies are buried" and the security weakness in corporate defenses can be found? Absolutely. In fact, law enforcement is alleging that such a scenario fed one of Anonymous's noted hacks.

Submission + - Boeing to Deliver First 787 (cnn.com)

mosb1000 writes: "Boeing will be delivering their first 787 to All Nippon Airways next month. The 787 is the first commercial airliner to be made from carbon fiber composites, and has been delayed for years because if Boeing's extensive outsourcing of the project."

Submission + - Beware the iCloud Security Fearmongers (infoworld.com)

GMGruman writes: "There are some IT folks who always seem to want a reason to say no. As nontraditional mobile devices (read: iPhone and Android) have become more popular than the old-school BlackBerry, resistance to the new devices has diminished. But now there's iCloud, Apple's forthcoming syncing service. It gives IT a new reason to say no, a sometimes legitimate fear of documents being shared that shouldn't be. But it turns out that the fear is exaggerated, egged on by companies that are selling private cloud storage as a "safe" alternative. But it turns out that iCloud is not as risky as more established tools that users already are using — and the proposed iCloud alternatives aren't very effective."

Submission + - KDE Frameworks 5.0 Is In Development (phoronix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: In addition to bringing up the plans for KDE on Wayland, Aaron Siego just announced at the 2011 Desktop Summit that the KDE 5.0 Frameworks library are being planned for development. This central code will be developed in parallel to future KDE SC 4.x releases until it is ready, as to not cause another KDE 4.0 mistake. When the code is ready, key applications will be ported to the new interfaces.

Submission + - 10 year old girl hacker CyFi reveal 0day (thehackernews.com) 3

thn writes: "10 year old girl hacker CyFi reveal her first zero-day in Game at #DefCon 19 Another awesome day at DefCon 19 . Today a 10 year old Girl hacker — pseudonym CyFi revealed her zero-day exploit in games on iOS and Android devices that independent researchers have confirmed as a new class of vulnerability."

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