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Comment Re:How it really gets done. (Score 1) 429

No, it gives an imposing illusion of "My managers dictate every action I take down to the smallest detail."
Because only management things names that retarded and unpronounceable are a good idea.
The first time someone tried to recite one of these over the phone to a new user it should have become apparent how useless it is.

Comment Re:Scale of the problem (Score 1) 253

That one big map is called a sectional chart.
What's on the iPad are approach plates, which are a completely different product.

Sectional charts tell you how to get from airport A to airport B and what's in between to avoid or use as reference points.
Approach plates are used by instrument-rated pilots to fly the approaches and departures for a given airport.

Comment Re:All That Knowledge... (Score 1) 256

We didn't know NASA was patching the code; We thought they were just generating the trajectory constants.
We asked IBM first; IBM Federal Systems transferred all their NASA stuff when they were divested, and they lost track of it.

Anyway, thanks for asking , and send my thanks to your father for the work he did.
If you google for "Orbiter NASSP" you can find our project and its forums. You're more than welcome to check it out if you want.

Comment Re:All That Knowledge... (Score 1) 256

We would be eternally grateful. Even something like the names of other people we could ask would be immensely useful.
We have lots of hardware documentation so far, but nothing in the way of software or documentation for it.
Pretty much anything is potentially useful, as leads for other things if nothing else.

Comment Re:All That Knowledge... (Score 1) 256

We aren't the US government, and even if we were, we'd have to be in the right department to have access to pension check data. We're an open-source project working on systems level simulation of the Apollo spacecraft. Our goal is to simulate every aspect of the missions with the original checklists and software.

The technical term you want is "Apollo Guidance Computer". There were two AGCs, one in the Command Module, and one in the Lunar Module. These were the CMC and LGC respectively. We already have the software for both of these. The LM also had a backup computer of completely different design, called the Abort Guidance System. We have the software for that. We're missing the LVDC software and the software used by mission control. The LVDC flew the Saturn, and the ground control guys used lots of software for lots of things.

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