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Comment Re:This is excellent news! (Score 1) 188

If they really cared about eliminating abortion, they'd be embracing contraception for everyone. Instead most of the organisations that oppose abortion also lobby against contraceptive education programs, against mandatory insurance coverage, and against government-provided or -subsidised contraception for the low income.

Comment Re:Yay for Men's rights... and other possibilities (Score 1) 188

Those 'feminazis' do exist. They are just vanishingly small in number. Numbers don't matter in an attention economy - it's very convenient for opponents of feminism to just pick down the most extreme man-hating feminazi they can find, point a finger and shout 'see, this is what we fight against!' Dishonest, but effective.

Comment Re:Trump knows there's no future in coal (Score 5, Interesting) 477

We've a similar thing here in Europe with the fishing industry. Fish stocks are dangerously low, and the EU has reacted by imposing strict quotas - though ones which ecologists keep saying are still not strict enough. This has incurred much anger from the fishing industry, because it's not just an occupation for them - it's a way of life, going back generations, and now they are being driven out of business by what they see as pointless regulations imposed upon them by distant politicians in Brussels.

They don't seem able to accept that there is a good reason for restricting fishing.

Comment Re:Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the plan (Score 1) 518

Nothing, if it's managed well. It's essentially a very carefully orchestrated pyramid scheme, but one which is made to work by using the government's near-limitless ability to generate currency to back it up.The risk is that you are trusting in Congress not to do something stupid with their power to borrow, and... well, Congress. Would you trust them?

If the bond scheme is over-used it becomes unstable, as an increasing portion of government income is diverted to servicing the debt. Then it can easily be pushed over the edge and lead to currency devaluation on a massive scale. This is a Very Bad Thing. So far this has not happened in the US (though it has in other countries), but the greater the national debt grows the greater the risk of such a disaster.

Comment Re:Unemployment (Score 2) 518

New jobs keep being created because consumption constantly increases.

When was the last time you stitched a hole in clothing? Hardly anyone does that now. It's just not worth the time when you can buy a whole new outfit for next to nothing. We get to enjoy exotic foods imported from around the world, low-cost just-about-everything. Even electronics, the most complicated machines every made, are not expendable items expected to be replaced after a few years.We get a diet rich in delicious resource-intensive meat, and even an entire advertising industry dedicated to making people buy things they don't need and probably don't even want.

There has to be a limit to how much junk people will want to buy, no matter how cheap it gets. Besides, this consumerist lifestyle may be required to keep the economy running, but it's also very environmentally damaging.

Comment Re:Fake movie (Score 5, Informative) 487

Erdogan did not run as a dictator. During his initial rise to power he was actually a very moderate politician. He called for EU membership for Turkey, and under his direction the country did enter negotiations with the aim of getting that membership. He pushed major labor reforms too, giving employees substantially greater protections than ever before in the country and introducing non-discrimination law. He changed later on, slowly, over the course of the 2000s at 2010s, depending increasingly upon tighter control of the media and repression of opposition to stay in power and growing steadily more conservative and Islamist in his social policies.

Comment Re:Nonsense (Score 2) 296

Seems overcomplicated. A NK nuclear deterrent doesn't need to reach the US, just any US ally. South Korea is easiest. Japan would do. Besides, they wanted to get a nuke the US, the easiest way might well be to stick it in a shipping container and bribe/threaten someone to smuggle it onto a shop exporting goods from a South Korean port to somewhere in the US.

Comment Re:NK *is* a credible threat (Score 2) 296

China is sensible. They plan long-term. They wouldn't want to sully their reputation by supporting NK in a war that could only end one way. They'd be more concerned with controlling the aftermath: Making sure that most of NK ends up under de facto Chinese control, rather than as a puppet-state of the US or being slowly reabsorbed into the US-allied south. I imagine this would be best achieved by largely sitting out the fighting, then launching a massive humanitarian aid and reconstruction program. China can afford it, is reduces the amount of refugees fleeing into China, and it ingratiates them to the newly-liberated population.

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