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Submission + - BlackBerry EMI Schemes for Z10 and Curve 9220 in India (fliqolet.com)

Supriyo Das writes: BlackBerry EMI scheme has been introduced for Z10 and Curve 9220 devices. The company allows Indian users to pay 12 month EMI of Rs.799 for BlackBerry Curve 9220, available at retail price Rs.9999. Customers can pay Rs. 4799 for 9 consecutive months for the Z10 device, the retail price of which is between Rs. 35000 and Rs. 43000.

Submission + - Fedora Raspberry Pi Remix is Pidora (fliqolet.com)

Supriyo Das writes: Fedora Raspberry Remix is now known as Pidora, which is a more optimized version of Fedora, designed specifically for Raspberry Pi mini computers, powered by ARMv6 processor. Seneca Center for Development of Open Technology developed the optimized version.

Submission + - Are you Sprint Nextel user? (fliqolet.com)

Supriyo Das writes: Motorola X Phone specs haven't been revealed. A handset with model number XT1056 could be Motorola X Phone Sprint version as AT&T and Verizon versions have passed through the FCC earlier.

Submission + - Android 4.3 Run Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Might Release (fliqolet.com)

Supriyo Das writes: A rumor breaks out that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might release with Android 4.3 as its operating system. Speculations are going on regarding the release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and during the recent Google I/O, it was revealed that Samsung is closely with Google for offering users a new breed of Android.

Submission + - Microsoft Xbox One Unveiled at the Gaming Event (fliqolet.com)

Supriyo Das writes: Microsoft has unveiled their new Xbox One console at the gaming event. The launch is based on the success of Xbox 360, a widely used gaming console. Microsoft Xbox One has 8 gb of system RAM, 500 GB HDD, a new Blu-Ray player, Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct, HDMI and USB 3.0, but it lacks backward compatibility.

Submission + - Activision's Call of Duty: Ghosts Teaser Video and Updates from Infinity Ward (fliqolet.com)

Supriyo Das writes: Call of Duty: Ghosts teaser trailer video has been released on Vine video sharing service. The video shows wireframe images and full gameplay experience will be revealed on Microsoft Xbox event on 21st May Tuesday. Activision, the franchise of the game and the development studio Infinity Ward claimed to add new elements into the game.

Submission + - Unified Ecosystem for Chrome and Android at the Google I/O (fliqolet.com)

Supriyo Das writes: Google has announced at the I/O that Chrome and Android will have some shared services. As both are open source, creating a unified ecosystem is easy for Google. Even though few Android fixing need to be done before the merging, a month before Apple's developer's conference, this announcement is quite relevant.

Submission + - Google I/O 2013 Begins at the Moscone Center (fliqolet.com)

Supriyo Das writes: Google I/O 2013 has begun at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Google has made announcements on new designs on Google+, music streaming, new features in Google Map and a new Samsung S4 like device, which will be running on Android.

Submission + - HP SlateBook X2 Android Tablet Specs (fliqolet.com)

Supriyo Das writes: HP has released the SlateBook X2 Tablet, which is a hybrid Android Tablet with 1.8GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor and other features. The Tablet runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

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