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Comment Re:Seriously (Score 1) 328

I'm about 15 minutes from you, but I'm not aware of any other options than Verizon or Comcast; they're competitors but sometimes it feels like they're one big monopoly. Right now I have DSL w/ verizon, and Comcast for (way overpriced) cableTV. Our cable TV drops out and glitches a lot, and Verizon will never deliver FIOS in my town. I suppose it could be worse though.

Now that I think back, those others might just be resellers or something.

Comment Re:Bicycle! And motorcycle. (Score 2) 163

You got modded down but it's a good general point.

If I'm going somewhere that parking is going to be an issue, I take a bus or a cab down. It's not worth the aggravation and cost of trying to find a spot. I imagine a lot of geeks fall into a similar behaviour.

I wish I had that option. I guess I could make it an option, but I have just to much stuff I have to bring with me when I leave the confines of the office and do my "real job" out with the clients along the eastern seaboard. Another issue is that I drive a pretty big pickup that my Beloved Fiance made just for me, and it holds everything with plenty of spare room too.
On the issue by the submitter, how on earth is this true? how is it that they've been partially crowded out by other 'parking apps' that are much less useful, and why our marketplace for ideas and intellectual properly is still so inefficient. He got his favorite apps advertised on one of the highest traffic sites on the internet all for the cost of his time to type, copy and paste.

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Journal Journal: YouTube key words, maybe I just don't get it

Back in March I finally posted a video ( and got a decent amount of hits. Less than 100, but that is more than decent to me.

A few days ago, I got a "hit flood" of more than 100 in a day or so and it took me a while to figure out that the Equal Pay topic was in the news and the video was of Batgirl talking about equal pay back in ancient times.
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Journal Journal: Holy government lie Batgirl! 2

Hi all! You Batman fans probably already know that 2/3 of the cast did a Public Service Announcement in 1973 for the US government. It was an equal pay for equal work piece. One thing that makes it so funny, besides being funny anyway, is Batgirl's complaint about not getting paid as much as Robin. in the series, Yvonne Craig made over 3X per episode what Burt Ward made! See the links in the video description on YouTube for more detai

Comment Re:Still Bad Patents (Score 5, Interesting) 162

At least this makes an attempt to do away with the non-practicing entities that patent things only to sue.

I'm sure it will still be ineffective, or just not pass both houses of Congress.

What about getting the patent office to do their job to begin with? Washington keeps asking for, and getting all this power, then they never get around to doing anything with that power they said they needed.

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