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Comment Re:Owning a cat is and of itself a mental illness (Score 1) 249

A well taken care of cat in a well taken care of environment isn't so scary. Clean the box once a day, it takes three minutes. Fully scrub and change out the littler once a month. Get a Shark vacuum cleaner for the hair, vacuum the floors, furniture and crevices once a week. Keep food related surfaces clean. Learn how to keep your cat off the counters, tables, etc.

Certainly you can't ever be perfectly assured of absolute cleanliness, but that's true of any pet. Dogs are by no means clean without effort.

Comment Re: Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score 1) 142

You're absolutely right about iMacs.

But I've had a Mac Mini for over five years and it still performs nicely. Swapping out the RAM chips is pretty easy, and using a torx wrench is no big deal. Haven't had to change the HD so can't speak to that.

Relatively cheap too. Pickup a Mac Mini along with a monitor of your choice and a couple peripherals and you're set. Again, I'm five years in and still humming nicely. I mostly use it for writing code and running a development web server.

Now Apple's software...that's another issue...

Submission + - SPAM: Democrats Started Chicago Riot That Shut Down Trump Rally

Okian Warrior writes: Videographer James O'Keefe has unveiled a jaw-dropping video that appears to show alleged Hillary Clinton operatives illegally working together with her Super PAC and the Democratic National Committee to coordinate campaign moves. These moves included starting the riot that shut down a Donald Trump rally in Chicago last March.

[Submitter: Starting a riots to shut down a rally? That seems jest a leeeedle bit over the line, no?]

Link to Original Source

Submission + - SPAM: Attempts to Frame Assange as a Pedophile and Russian spy 1

Okian Warrior writes: Earlier today the website DailyKos reported on a smear campaign plot to falsely accuse Julian Assange of pedophilia. An unknown entity posing as an internet dating agency prepared an elaborate plot to falsely claim that Julian Assange received US$1M from the Russian government and a second plot to frame him sexually molesting an eight year old girl.

Here is the description of the plot from Mr Assange’s legal team.

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Submission + - Democrat Operatives Caused Violence at Trump Rallies, Framed Sanders Supporters ( 16

Xenographic writes: A new video has come out detailing how Democratic operatives created violence at Trump rallies. You may remember that they then framed Sanders supporters for those protests. This video is notable because one of the operatives, Zulema Rodriguez, can be identified in videos of the Arizona protests at 17:35 in this independent video as well as at 10:30 in the first video link. Furthermore, you look at the FEC records of disbursements to her and see that she was paid by Finally, this again can be corroborated with the Wikileaks dump, specifically this email. For those too lazy to browse all the links, you can see Zulema's appearance in both videos in this image and note that it's the same person down to the tiny mole on her chest.

Comment QB + Non-technical users = Clusterf*ck (Score 1) 163

The entropy that builds up from clueless users tying their business processes into these low-code systems is staggering. I have a client that got setup with QuickBase years ago and has been using it to store data culled from their web site and generate reports based on it, sometimes with an interactive UI to sort and filter. Because nobody who created these QB "apps" has any technical training, including the mastermind who set it all up to begin with, these reports are horrendous monstrosities that over the years have built up into a pile of increasingly useless garbage. Instead of intelligently building an app with a sanely normalized data structure that can simply modify itself every year to report on the requested data set, the client has to create new apps every year, replicating last year's, to view the relevant data. The data structures look like they were cobbled together by, well, someone with no technical training. It's a big morass that their employees spend ridiculous amounts of time dealing with. If they had just hired a developer to build a simple web UI to view, filter, sort, and generate the occasional PDF, all tied into their web database, they could have saved tons of man hours and money.

But no. They were sold on "Build your own apps! You don't need to pay an expert! You're already all the expert you need!". Such bullshit. But then, I suppose it makes more work for those of us who are called in to build what should have been built in the first place, once the company can no longer function under the weight of empty promises.

Comment STOP COMCAST (Score 1) 182

Here in Chicago they are now charging $10/month rental fee for their modems. But if you buy your modem, and they have to send a tech out to you, they charge $50 per visit even if the problem has nothing to do with the modem. Insane price hikes all over the place with these crooks and the service isn't very good to begin with. But because I live in an apartment building, I don't have a choice of providers.

They're already harming consumers. They should be forced to sit down, STFU, and be given a government regulation colonic that purges the excrement from their consumer policies.

Comment Re: Omar Saddiqui Mateen? (Score 1) 1718

Moreover, adult chimpanzees (our nearest animal cousins) are known to literally tear to pieces young chimps from other chimp communities. Rip them limb from limb. Male adult walruses in heat will try to have sex with baby walruses when they can't find an available adult female, usually resulting in killing the baby.

Religion was put in place to control human behavior, usually for a rich/powerful governing structure or leader. But the honest search for God (an abused term, perhaps "Spirit" or "universal consciousness" or "higher intelligence we cannot adequately explain") has nothing to do with top-down controls and doctrine. But I am digressing. Animals fuck each other up pretty good.

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