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Submission + - Researchers Create Ball Lightning Gun

I Believe in Irrational Property writes: "Vladimir Dikhtyar and his team at Tel Aviv University in Israel have managed to produce a new non-lethal weapon which fires ball lightning. After testing it on willing participants, they dubbed it the "Ball Blaster." Said one participant, 'It hurts like hell, but you're back to normal in a few minutes with just a few scorch marks and some numbness. Oh, and the less said about how they came up with the "ball blaster" name, the better.' They create the effect by discharging a bank of high capacity capacitors through a Tesla coil coupled with a maser and a reloadable tube of nitrogen dioxide and silica. The downside is that you only get off one shot per capacitor bank and there are leakage problems which prevent you from storing charged capacitor banks for too long. They're also working on magnetic 'armor' which can block the ghostly projectiles. So far, though, they do not have a theoretical understanding of how the gun works. It is hoped that further study of how the device works will unravel the mysteries of ball lightning.

[Ed: Sorry, still one last joke article for tomorrow. This would be seriously cool were it real.]"

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