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Submission + - Hubble Spots Auroras on Uranus (

sciencehabit writes: The Hubble Space Telescope has spotted transient aruroas on the Uranus. The ephemeral glows appeared near the planet's north magnetic pole, the researchers report in a forthcoming issue of Geophysical Research Letters. As on Earth, interactions between the solar wind and the planet's magnetic field generate the auroras. The new observations should help scientists better understand Uranus's odd magnetic field, whose axis is both offset from the center of the planet and tilts at an angle of 60 from the rotational axis.

Submission + - Queen Elizabeth II gets an iPad 2 (

An anonymous reader writes: It certainly was an Apple filled Mother’s Day for Queen Elizabeth II. The royal matriarch had her staff get her an iPad 2 after she got a glimpse of Apple’s tablet from Princes William and Harry when they paid her a visit at Buckingham Palace this past weekend.

Submission + - Thief Identified by his Dunkin' Donuts Order (

chicksdaddy writes: Fingerprints and iris scans aren't the only way to positively identify someone. Turns out that their donut eating habits are a pretty good biometric — at least according to this story from Belmont Patch, in which a store manager at the local Dunkin Donuts reported the theft of some plastic pylon coverings from the parking lot. According to Patch, the manager said he viewed the surveillance videos and while could not identify the man by looking at his face, he was able to ID him by the order he was carrying. Supplied with the name, Belmont Police negotiated with the man to return the pole protection that is worth $85 each. Nice!

Submission + - Perelman Urged To Accept $1m Prize (

krou writes: The Warm Home charity in St. Petersburg, Grigory Perelman's home-town, has urged the math genius and recluse to accept the $1m Millennium Prize for solving the Poincaré conjecture, and donate it to charities. Perelman has refused to accept the award, telling one reporter through the closed door of his flat, "I have all I want", and another who managed to call him on his mobile, "You are disturbing me. I am picking mushrooms."

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