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Comment Better Than Most (Score 1) 208

The slowest speeds listed in this report are far better than what HUGE swaths are of U.S. are relegated to: dial up.

Broadband rollout is so poor in the U.S., due mostly to corrupt relationships between providers and lawmakers, that most of the country's geography is not served by anything better than dialup or satellite, both of which are horrible.

Comment Re:UBI will be a disaster (Score 2) 426

This is not the case. Most of their wealth is already in the economy....

Most of a rich man's wealth which isn't hoarded is transferred to another rich man, and then rides a carousel which eventually makes it way back to the original rich man. Sure, the wealth is in the economy; but only in a very small, tiny part of the population gets to use it.

Comment Re:No Linux support? (Score 4, Insightful) 243

Installing nvidia has always been a bit of a pain in Linux...

In the *buntus (and I would presume Debian), it is very simple:

apt-get install nvidia-current

Or you can use the newbie-friendly GUI to install it.

That said, I stopped buying NVidia cards about a year ago. The Open Source AMD driver is good enough for my needs (desktop, simple gaming, 3D modeling), and continues to improve rapidly. Now, I can add "respects my privacy".

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 5, Insightful) 333

Yes, the telemetry features are not a great move, but just disable all of that crap and you're all set.

Just because you think you've disabled it does not mean you've actually disabled it. Microsoft has the sole discretion to completely ignore you, sneak its spyware in through other vectors, or automatically re-enable its spyware at any time it damn well pleases.

Comment Re:Uhhh.. (Score 1, Insightful) 372

The secondary headline from this study is, "75% of men who participated in this study are fucking morons." This contraceptive has horrendous side effects, but some people are too stupid to care.

What I find even more remarkable is that the moron who wrote this story, despite the severe side effects, still uses the term, "safe and effective." Hmm...where else have we heard this bullshit phrase?

Comment Re:Not a fair comparison (Score 0) 524

...but I have a hard time believing that PCs require more help desk calls simply because Windows/PCs sucks.

I find it quite believable, as it reflects my experiences. Every user for whom I've ever installed Linux stopped calling me with operating system problems. Their Windows problems prior to that point, on the other hand, were legion.

Windows is a nightmare for the average user. Hell, it's a nightmare for most users. Once Linux is installed, on the other hand, it runs itself. The owner of the most recent business I converted to Linux told me that he didn't realize computers were supposed to work as well as his have worked since letting me convert them, a move he resisted for years.

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