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Comment Re:Welcome to Capitalism (Score 4, Interesting) 611

No, there's actually a documented history of names being used for other purposes. This kind of thing has been going on for over a decade. is all about the quest of big companies to squelch critical sites that use their name.

Comment Re:The problem with averages (Score 5, Insightful) 589

In a democracy, you can't get away with having a small minority with all the knowledge. The whole population needs to be informed enough to do basic math and critical thinking. A basic grasp of statistics, algebra, and how to do a budget would make a huge difference in the ability to evaluate what politicians say and have a well-functioning democracy. If you can't decide for yourself, the facts just become another political football with competing claims.

Comment Re:Like they didnt want it to happen (Score 1) 346

Wow, this is a really hostile, cynical, and destructive attitude.

Seriously, you're blaming these people for engaging in a private activity that's fairly common? And you're saying this is some "weirdness" on their part? 1/3rd of teens have sent naked pictures to each other. Millions of people participate in everything from sending some cheesecake to a significant other to posting pictures publicly. You've never written an email or text message with personal information, or taken a risque photo, or engaged in some activity that you would prefer not being broadcast to the public?

I thought Slashdot was all about privacy rights, and protesting the abuses of email companies that would fold to the government, or social networks that would track without your consent. Suddenly, the victim of a privacy violation is the one at fault?

They don't lose their right to have private lives, and they aren't all cynical publicity-hounds. They've got their public lives, and they've got their private lives, just like the rest of us. They weren't 'leaking' a sex tape for the publicity, they were violated by someone who preyed on them. We all go to the bathroom sometimes, but it doesn't mean we were asking to have pictures of it posted to the web.

Comment Re:Easy is easy (Score 1, Informative) 147

Individual voter fraud is extremely rare. The sort of fraud that would be prevented by photo ID is almost nonexistent. On the other hand, the requirement to obtain a photo ID excludes a nontrivial percentage of the population, and creates an additional burden that falls disproportionately on poor and/or nonwhite voters. Voters who usually vote democratic, making this a partisan issue.

Much more likely than fraud by individuals is a systematic effort to exclude voters unlikely to vote for your party, and the usage of methods to purge legitimate voters from the rolls, add additional hurdles (the modern poll test), or gerrymander districts so voting doesn't work at all.

It's not a "special interest" to want democracy to work for everyone, not just the well off.

Comment Re:BSD license was always more permissive, so grea (Score 1) 808

There are actually some copyleft licenses intended to address exactly this situation. The Affero GPL is one. It adds a provision that "requires that the complete source code be made available to any network user of the AGPL-licensed work, typically a Web application."

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