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Journal Journal: Torture

I can not beleive I have to say this. The really sad thing is, I have had to say it many times recently. Torture is evil, those who engage in torture are evil, supporting torture is supporting acts of evil. The United States is suppose to be the good guys, we should under no circumstance knowingly commit acts of evil, if we do, we are not the good guys anymore. When we engage in torture we become the lesser of two evils, is that what we really want ?
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Journal Journal: Globalization

The down side of Globalization is shared poverty. Most advocates of Globalization will tell you it has an equalizing effect that raises wages of the poor in third world countries. This is true, the average wages in the third world go from 50 cents an hour to $1.50 an hour, but what they forget to tell you is the average first world wage drops from $18.00 per hour to $5.15 per hour. Then the question becomes, does it matter that I can get a TV for $79.99 at Wal-Mart if I am living in a cardboard box ?
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Journal Journal: Something for those who are Anti-Abortion to think about

There are approximatly 850,000 abortions a year, there are approximatly 550,000 children in foster care and there are approximately 150,000 adoptions each year. If Roe v Wade were overturned and a federal ban on abortion followed, what would we do with the children ? Anyone who has experience with the foster care system knows it is already overburdened and doubling the number in the system in a single year would be a bad idea. We could lower the standards for adoption, but even doubling the number of adoptions would not be enough and how low of standards are we willing to go ? Do we really want to bring back wide spread use of orphanages ?
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Journal Journal: Should ID be taught in public schools

I do not object to Intelligent Design (ID) being taught in public schools as long as the following apply:

1. ID must be taught in its own class separate from the theory of evolution (ToE), this class will be an elective class, no student should ever be forced to take it and will never be a requirement for graduation.

2. ID must stand on its own as a scientific theory, just as ToE class will be banned from discussing ID, the ID class will be banned from discussing ToE.

3. ID will be held to the same standards as the ToE and every other scientific theory. Everything presented in the ID class must be testable and verifable. ID must be taught purely from the scientific stand point and can not discuss religion at all and any discussion of a supreme being will be in only the most general of terms.

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Journal Journal: Conservanazi

"Conservanazi: Widely misunderstood by most to simply mean 'Conserative.' Not so, boobala. A Conservanazi is a Conserative to whom the most important thing in life is ensuring that no abortions occur, even if this means murdering doctors, policemen, firemen and blowing up womens clinics. There are fewer than twenty-five known Conservanazi in the United States"

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