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Comment Re: 32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 425

I'm not sure what you mean by tactical voting, as opposed to any other kind of voting, but I would argue that the problem is the system, not the users. There are any number of alternative election or voting systems we could be using instead of a winner take all representative democracy. Many of those would at least better represent public sentiment, if not provide more desirable outcomes as well.

Comment Re: A wasted vote... (Score 1) 425

Actually, it's not. Trump only has one path to victory, and that involves winning Ohio, where he has 0% support among blacks. So, even though the media would like you to believe that it's an ongoing contest, so they can keep you reading articles and watching pundits, the election is already over.

Comment Re: Rule of thumb: believe the man (Score 1, Interesting) 396

i say that to girls all the time. It works *amazingly* well at getting them to be the aggressors. "Now look, just because I'm letting you sleep over doesn't mean we're going to have sex!" I have yet to meet one who hasn't taken that as a challenge.

Anyway, yes, it's a double standard. You can either try to change the nature of women, or just go with it. I'll let you figure out which works better.

Comment Re: Corporate VPNs too? (Score 1) 109

Most countries don't bother too much with that whole "burden of proof" thing. Just think about the thin evidence that puts people behind bars in the US, and then consider that we have some of the *best* protections in the world. In many countries the trial is focused on the content of the crime, and what the appropriate punishment should be.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 328

A lot of people live in apartments where even if you have room for a nice setup, there's little or no opportunity to put it to good use without being a complete asshole to your neighbors. Also, unless you're sitting remarkably close to your remarkably large television, the screen in a theater is going to present a larger viewing angle. Some people don't like that, but for those who do, it's a more immersive experience.

Comment Re:The Theater Experience (Score 1) 328

Attendance has been steadily declining over the past 15 years, even as sales have been increasing. This means fewer people are paying more. Where I live, more cinemas than not have full bars, prepared food, and comfy, reclining seats. Eventually, with the possible exception of less population-dense areas, this is what the theater experience will be going forward, and cell-phone using, popcorn-gobbling, soda-swilling teeny boppers will be relegated to watching movies at home on their XBox Two (or on a phone, at school probably).

Comment Re:Can't decide what's stupider... (Score 1) 1004

He didn't. The headline is misleading, but neither was it a joke. What he said was, if they have already hacked the server, he would love for the emails to be released.

"They probably have them. I'd like to have them released... It gives me no pause. If they have them, they have them," Trump added later when asked if his comments were inappropriate. "If Russia or China or any other country has those emails, I mean, to be honest with you, I'd love to see them."

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