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Comment Re:Confirmation dialog with all fields? (Score 1) 112

It seems like the best solution in this case is to simply admit defeat -- that autofill profiles aren't a good idea -- and remove the feature. Your workaround, and others proposed, suffer from the weakness that they're more complicated and higher-risk than simply typing the information into the appropriate fields, the way God intended.

Comment Re: Meh (Score 1) 574

Their oath isn't to the president - it's to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

It is, but they serve "at the pleasure of the President," and that's deeply ingrained -- more-so in non-military agencies, actually, which aren't bound by international law. In other words. they're political. For better and for worse. How do you think we got warrantless wiretaps, extraordinary rendition, enhanced interrogation, and extra-judicial executions? It wasn't by worrying too much about the Constitution.

Comment Professional Designers (Score 1) 230

the company can't afford to alienate professional designers and other business customers. After all, they helped fuel Apple's revival in the late 1990s.

Yes, of course they can. If 10% of your userbase represents 90% of your costs, then it's not only affordable to get rid of them, it's profitable as well. Contrarians will argue that these people are "evangelists," responsible for bringing other people to the platform, but a) there's little evidence that's true, and b) even if it is true, they're doing a terrible job at it, objectively. Apple could definitely shut down the Mac line and go one of two ways:

1) Support OS X installations on commodity hardware (not super difficult).
2) Re-write Xcode for Windows or Linux (or both) to allow continued development for its, ahem, more profitable platform.

"Creative types" are more tied to the tools than the OS for their productivity. Most of the popular content-creation applications are available on Windows already, and have been for years.

Personally, I hope Apple doesn't kill OS X (which is the heart and soul of Macs, not the hardware), but they could easily cede the PC hardware market and be just fine, and maybe even better off. Like Microsoft, they could partner with manufacturers to ensure (or "ensure") compatibility.

Comment Re:Terrible decision, regardless of patent feeling (Score 1) 100

Exactly! How the hell do you tease out what part of the profit was derived from the shape of the phone case and the arrangement of icons?!? Especially since the phone may not have sold, or sold as well, without those properties? Samsung's analogy about an 18-wheeler with an infringing cupholder is just absurd -- without A/B testing, there's no way to know whether buyers chose the 18-wheeler based on the cupholder or some other factor. But if the cupholder was the deciding factor (as, in actuality, it often is), then *all* of the profits were derived from that infringement.

Now I think design patents are problematic, especially when things are merely similar rather than indistinguishable, but I agree that this verdict was the worst possible outcome.

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