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Comment Re: Private Offices (Score 2) 330

stupid bosses dont want this because they think they can get more work out in a room with 15 people and NO VENTILATION.


also the boss thinks that ac pumps air from outside. it doesnt.

If you're that angry, don't stew. Polish up the resume and look for work elsewhere. Engineers are still very employable.

Almost never do you hear anyone say "Man, I wish I'd stayed at that dump longer".

Comment The self-driving car is blamed for human error (Score 4, Insightful) 226

I am reminded that when cars were first invented, there were laws put in place mandating that someone walk ahead of any self-propelled vehicle waving a red flag, for fear of scaring horses and making people uncomfortable.

I'm sure that in one hundred years this sort of reaction - blaming the software for an inattentive driver failing to yield - will be seen in exactly the same way.

Comment Re: Which is more important? (Score 2, Insightful) 244

Treason is the actual charge with which the FBI intended to charge Hillary Clinton.

The FBI never intended to charge Hillary Clinton with treason. If they had, they would have recommended exactly that. They didn't even intend to charge her with mishandling classified information. If they had, they would have done so as well. The only thing that happened was that in deciding that she had done nothing worth an indictment over, Director Comey decided to violate protocol and offer critiques about her email practices. Presumably because he was Ken Starr's right hand man all during the 1990s, trying to pin something - anything - on the Clintons. And failed. Because they hadn't done anything illegal then, either. (With the exception of Bill lying under oath about an affair in a nuisance lawsuit.)

Comment A "mutual obligation" ? (Score 1) 406

But last month a U.S. district judge ruled that Ivey and his partner had a "mutual obligation" to the casino, in which their "primary obligation" was to not...

I wonder if this judge also believes that casinos have a "mutual obligation" to problem gamblers to make sure that they're not gambling money intended for other purposes? Because the way I always notice the headlines, it's usually "Man embezzles funds, gambles it all away at the casino." No one ever seems to ask the casino for that money back.

This is just another way of the innate bias in the legal system - where corporations, no matter how sleazy their business practices, get different rules.

Comment Re:What about Scheme? (Score 3, Interesting) 205

A programmer who knows nothing beyond the likes of those is not well rounded and better get adjusted to the idea of being a galley slave for their entire career.

If you aspire to the boardroom, I strongly suggest you learn a bit of PowerPoint, excel, and basic business understanding, The language used at that level is all P/L calculations, by which I don't mean PL/I, but "Profit and Loss".

Insofar as fad languages are concerned, their main problem besides their terrible tool support, microscopic communities, non-existent code/library base to solve common problems, and lack of a clear niche that really only they fill best - is that the vast majority of actual programming work lies in understanding requirements and coming up with a reasonable set of approaches, designs, and patterns to fill them. For that, you don't need intellectual masturbation. You need to be smart and experienced enough to actually understand how to create a fully realized architecture actually capable of working, and not immediately falling over under load (with inscrutable error messages).

Really, the only use that so many different hobby languages provide is a form of job lock-in, and a gateway keeping out people who aren't smart enough to solve the company's real problems.

// Senior/Enterprise Architect

Comment Re:Correction... all AMERICAN millennials (Score 4, Informative) 495

I'm not bitching about white people. I am one. But when 20% of Trump voters openly believe that getting rid of black slavery was a bad idea, these people putting Trump over the top, I'm not going to pretend that it's not a fact.

Taking note of racists and racist attitudes isn't itself racist, guy. And trying to pretend that it is, is obvious projection on your part. So I'll let others decide who is in fact the racist pile of shit in this conversation.

Comment Correction... all AMERICAN millennials (Score 2, Insightful) 495

Worldwide, millennials are doing great. The World Bank Forecasts Global Poverty to Fall Below 10% for First Time.

The problem for Americans is that we can't exactly ask the Chinese to go back to having 45 million people starve to death in a new "Great Leap Forward", no matter how much taking their labor skills off the capitalist market might improve the labor demand for unskilled white Trump voting high-school dropouts. Globalism is a bitch if you were used to getting a free ride.

Comment Re:What do you want to be ? (Score 2) 104

Actually, it's not. Its a commodity designed to make untraceable (and mostly illegal) economic transactions easier, everything from evading oppressive government rules, to drug deals, to ransomware payoffs. The only reason why it's not used for tax evasion is that due to it being a commodity, it quite literally can't handle the scale that that criminality; it'd be like a minnow swallowing a whale.

Comment Re:Yeah ok (Score 0) 511

No down-modding from me. The gamer-gate "community" has become exactly what they originally were supposedly protesting against: a bunch of childish outrage addicts who make up utterly biased BS to complain about people liking what they don't like.

I'm not exactly a big fan of tablet games, but there are lots of non-hardcore gamers out there who want an exceedingly mild challenge while communting on the bus or something. And considering its competition - compare "Revolution 60" against some standard "Match 3" dreck for example - and I suppose it could almost be worth the mild accolades. Here's some of its gameplay in action. Something of a JRPG vibe to it.

Comment Re:heck of a choice (Score 0) 488

Just in case you're interested, the reason why people won't engage with you is because of your pathological need to lie to "win". You would have done much better to have simply spoken to the "relative evils" between Clinton and Trump in your argument, but that just wasn't possible. Instead, you have to pretend that Trump doesn't have a reputation for stiffing everyone he can get away with, and make up the complete self-invented bullshit that this was only "contractors who fail to deliver on time, violate contracts, etc".

So while some may be put out by your hero worship of Trump, for the rest of us, it's your obvious need to deny reality, spewing out self-invented bullshit when trying to defend an untenable position, that makes you unworthy for anyone (other than your flock of similar sociopathic goons) to talk to.

Comment Re: Thanks Trump! (Score 2, Insightful) 243

Accusing a federal judge of being unable to discharge his duties because he's Hispanic, and a member of the Hispanic Bar Association (one of hundreds of such affinity lawyers groups), manifestly is racist, as even Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was forced to admit.

Insofar as Islam, it is a sprawling religion consisting of 2.2 billion adherents, with many sub-ideologies. If you yourself have not apologized for the "Klan" (who call themselves Christian and "light" crosses as emblems of their WASP faith), then any broad brush attack on Muslims over the actions of al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda of Iraq (a.k.a. ISIS) is pure bigotry.

Bashing illegal immigration, while conspicuously being entirely unconcerned that Trump's own wife Melaina was clearly an illegal immigrant, is again not only a sign of hypocrisy, but one of racism. Because there is no legal difference between the two situations. Merely a skin color one.

The reason why people continue to call Trump racist is because he is. The reason why people call his supporters racist, is because there is hard evidence of racist attitudes taken from surveys of them.

The idea that a racist is going to suddenly vote for the party who opposes racism, instead of the Republican party that it has been proven benefits from it, if only people wouldn't point out their racism, is absurd.

Is that enough research for you?

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