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Submission + - Judge pulls Bodogs Domain Name (recentpoker.com)

Lenny S writes: "Judge sides with 1ST TECHNOLOGY LLC in patent infringement lawsuit , and not only rules against Bodog for $48 Million + , but also takes all of there domain names as no one in Bodog for fear of stepping on US soil showed up to defend themselfs against the lawsuit . Full Story and links to pics of judgement : http://www.recentpoker.com/bodog-lawsuit.html"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Drug for Infantile Spasms Price Increased By >2 (healthbusinessblog.com) 1

Grym writes: "Acthar Gel, the only drug used to treat Infantile Spasms (IS), as of August 25th, is now more than 20 times more expensive. Why the sudden price increase for a drug that was FDA approved 52 years ago? Was it more expensive to make? A new manufacturing process perhaps? Nope. According to the manufacturer, Questcor, at the previous price of $1,000 a vial (which only lasts two weeks), Acthar gel simply wasn't profitable enough.

Parents of children with IS are understandably outraged, as they can only hope that their insurance company covers them. If not (or if they don't even have insurance), the parents have to choose between financial ruin or watching their infant children writhe in brain-damaging convulsions. It's absolutely heartbreaking."

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