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Comment Re:With scientists like Leonardo DiCaprio behind i (Score 3, Interesting) 200

Whether the climate is changing is settled, because it always changes. Whether human activity is a factor is settled, because it does. So far so good. Unfortunately, however, the effect of that activity on future climate is not at all settled, and that's unfortunate because it's the question that actually matters.

Comment Re:Be polite (Score 2) 286

It may be more fun to rant on the internet about the bad cop who doesn't respect a citizen's rights, but it's probably more productive in terms of restoring the chilly relations between LEOs and citizens to let the cop know you didn't take his probing personally, and that by respecting your rights (even if it took a few minutes to do so) he's demonstrated he's one of the good cops, not one of the bad cops.

He's demonstrated no such thing. All this shows is that he's afraid of the repercussions for breaking what constraints on their behavior are still in place.

Comment Re:Of course they can (Score 1) 138

Imagine if google and bing decided that a certain candidate didn't exist and the name only returned some unrelated items. No news article links, no info sites, nothing.

For example:

Although that was an independent campaign to influence Google results rather than an action internal to Google.

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