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Submission + - Why it's easy being a hacker today (

k4rrax writes: "I've done an article on why it's easy being a hacker today. I've used SQL Injection as my case study.

I hope some will read and comment on the subject. It is definitively a subject that needs attention, then on the other end, us security people have work for many years to come."


Submission + - The many, many uses of a hacked PC (

Presto Vivace writes: "Exploring the Market for Stolen Passwords

Some of the most valuable data extracted from hacked PCs is bank login information. But non-financial logins also have value, particularly for shady online shops that collect and resell this information. Logins for everything from to often are resold — either in bulk, or separately by retailer name — on underground crime forums. A miscreant who operates a Citadel botnet of respectable size (a few thousand bots, e.g.) can expect to quickly accumulate huge volumes of “logs,” records of user credentials and browsing history from victim PCs. Without even looking that hard, I found several individuals on Underweb forums selling bulk access to their botnet logs; for example, one Andromeda bot user was selling access to 6 gigabytes of bot logs for a flat rate of $150.



Submission + - To get a patent, an invention must pass two legal tests to check that the idea i (

ericjones12398 writes: "The government issues patents to protect inventor rights and promote the spread innovative knowledge. For the system to work, only new ideas can be patented. In the US, this means that an invention cannot be described in prior art, nor can it be obvious to an individual skilled in the art."

Submission + - SpaceX Out of Orbit (

kodiaktau writes: Launch of the latest SpaceX rocket to the international space station was off course due to a Falcon 9 rocket shutting down early during launch. Other rockets were used to burn longer to recover the missing and ensure the capsule containing a communications satellite owned by Orbcomm. The rocket is due to dock with the station on Wed.

Submission + - Android NFC Hack Lets You Ride Free (

itwbennett writes: "At the EUSecWest security conference in Amsterdam, researchers showed how their 'UltraReset' Android app can read the data from a subway fare card, store that information, and reset the card to its original fare balance. The researchers said that the application takes advantage of a flaw found in particular NFC-based fare cards that are used in New Jersey and San Francisco, although systems in other cities, including Boston, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Chicago and Philadelphia, could also be vulnerable."

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